A Few Good Suggestion For The Law Breaking, "Illegals"

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by olefin, Apr 28, 2006.

  1. olefin

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    "May 1st" is the planned "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott by illegal immigrants here in the United States. They plan on boycotting work, thus showing how many "menial" jobs they provide cheap labor for. They plan on boycotting our stores, thus showing how much money they provide for the economy. I have only one suggestion: P-l-e-a-s-e boycott our hospitals, schools, jails, and highways!

    Let us see what our "health care system" would be like without an overcrowded emergency room full of illegal immigrants using it as a free clinic. Let us see what it would be like to have people who the hospital actually expects to pay for treatment. I wonder just how far the costs for health insurance would drop for the rest of us.

    Let us see what it would be like to reduce the size of our classrooms. Let us see what it would be like to have to spend taxpayer dollars to teach in English only. Let us see if our schools test score averages increase. Let us see how many more books and supplies the "legals" would have.

    Let us see what it would be like to not be victimized by an illegal immigrant and then have to pay for the incarceration of that illegal immigrant. The Los Angeles County Jail system would be alleviated of thousands of inmates. Those normally incarcerated might actually do
    100% of their sentences rather than the 10% that they have been doing due to overcrowding.

    Let us see what our highways would be like. Let us see how much traffic is reduced without their presence. Let us see if the number of unlicensed, uninsured, unqualified motorists drops and the number of traffic collisions also drops proportionally. Just how far do you suppose our car insurance rates would drop as a result.

    Maybe the May 1st "Day Without an Immigrant" boycott should be encouraged by us all, so the rest of the citizens can fully appreciate what benefits and burdens illegal immigration creates. THIS WOULD BE A DAY WITH GREAT SUNSHINE!
  2. Ulizth

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    St. Clairsville, Ohio
    You get my vote!

  3. Dreadnaught

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    Hey I got an Idea!!!! Hows about we just go ahead and make it a decade with an immigrant, that would suit me just fine!!!
  4. redneckdrum

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    JW got the last word in.........AGAIN! But it's a good one.Thanks JW
  5. Tulcat

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    Great Post Amigo!
  6. Dragger

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    North Carolina
    Dayton, Im with you 100% well said brother
  7. Cattledogz

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    Amen Dayton! I can't say what esle is on my mind cause it would get pulled right away...
  8. Ol Man

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    Dang, olefin, I wish I had said that... I couldn't agree more...

    Of course I'm against sin; I'm against anything that I'm too old to enjoy.
  9. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    I for one think if they would like to show us how much we need them. They all need to move back south for a few years . That would show us.
  10. AwShucks

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    Only problem I can see with that is that if they take the day off from work, how the heck are we gonna be able to get to the lake or river. They will all ready have all the good spots...can't believe that everytime I go to Kaw Dam to fish, there are four or five there sleeping from fishing the night before... and they are not going to give the good spots up... I wonder if they even have to buy fishing license, see as how they are illegal anyhow. lol
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    I agree with you 100%. Most of the folks in the US today are an immigrant of some sort, But at least we made it legal and for the most part played by the rules. I dont mind other folks in this country as long as they play by "our" rules and dont try to bend our rules to thier liking..... I think this needs to be brought to an end one way or another.... enough said....... Mac
  12. fwmud

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    Wilson's Mills,nc
    I was approached today and asked if I'd help support the cause.
    I said sure.
    When, every illegal, goes back and files a TRUE 1040 for every year they've been here.(Without counting the 5 or 10 cousins at home as dependants), and get off the free medicare, food stamps and every other falsely optained "Free" service.
    How many takers did I get? Just one, me!
    As alaways Dayton, Thanks bro.
    (We all ain't alsleep at the wheel)
    I told my crew that if anyone missed on monday, they'd better have a doctor's note or better.
  13. arz6x2

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    First of all, all americans are immigrants and second of all whats wrong with someone doing the job that you dont want to do. if you dont want them here sooo bad then you get out there and put them out of a job. Do their job and then they wont be here anymore. in fact better yet tell your children or grandchildren to one day take thier job. if america didnt have a demand for their labor they would not be here like they are bottom line. so who should we blame the people the dont want to bother themselves with low paying hard work or the people that do the hard work. bottom line is dont blame the people for coming here blame their country (and ours) and thier conditions.

    i know you wouldnt want your children doing the job that the mexicans are doing every day so dont get too mad at them for filling that void.
  14. T-Bone

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    South of Dallas
    If they want to be here; then why can't they do it legally ? How is it that they over run the USA and have it their way ? Why does our Govt. let them get away with it ?
    The picture of the Mexican Flag Flying above the "upside down" American Flag here in the USA on an American High School flag pole has really got my blood boiling:ah: ..........
    When will this country stop giving the country away ?
    Why do the illegals have rights anyway ?

    I really can't answer any of these with out going left, so I'll choose to just ask the questions instead of giving my opinion.
    Dayton your post is RIGHT ON Sir.
  15. Damian_Storm

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    i agree with everyones post except for the last one ( correction) not t-bones post , the one above it......it's harder and harder for a legal american to get a job cause they come in by the dozens and will work sooo cheap...i see in papers about employers with janitorial jobs having one of the requirements being bi-lingual and thats for 7 bucks and hour..thats crazy ...on job apps where they ask what race you are , i would always mark (white) not many call backs...i started marking ( would rather not say ) and would get call backs...you can't go get fast food with out having to repeat your order 5 or 6 times cause they have no idea what your saying...you can't hardly fish a dam anywhere without them being shoulder to shoulder to shoulder...way should the honest american who pays his taxes , works his butt off to feed his own family with out the government paying for it , hav to put up with illegal people getting all the free rides and us having to change for them ???????? this topic rives me crazy so i will stop here....i'll see ya all when we get there....
  16. Catfish Fever

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    Wside, Mil
    Dayton, excellent post that reflects the opinion of many, many folks. It's nice to read all the support for our country, with the exception of one. You got my vote for this one.
  17. topjimmy

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    Amen brother, preach it!
  18. Cheryl

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    OMG, y'all ain't gonna get me started here are you? This might fit better in HI, I don't know.

    IMObservations only:
    Anyway, in lots of ways, WE are the reason. WE tried to give our children "things" we lacked as children and in turn spoiled the H out of them. They don't know what it is to be without, therefore, whether a high school grad or college, they EXPECT to go into the higher wage brackets, SO they won't take the lower paying jobs. It's a vicious cycle. The next generation seems to be so into streamlining life without any struggles, I worry even more, than with my Son's generation. They are plugged into everything. HOW do they multi task? They can't because they are so into themselves and their own space, they haven't discovered how yet.

    On the bright side, more people are having children again in the US, so perhaps it's going back to the have less generation. Oh well, by the time I've passed away, I'll probably never see that come about. Cycles.

    Thoughts on my ramblings? :wink:
  19. steve-o

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    Amen to that, illegals go home!
    Let me clear up a few misconceptions for all of you, overly sensitive, politicaly correct, cowardice wussies. wanting illegals to go home, doesn't make a person a racist. if you are a legal citizen of the U.S. , then i don't care what race, creed, or religion you are. but if you are here illegaly, then you have no rights so, get out!

    i was having this exact discussion with a friend who is originally from Laos, and he is here 100% legaly i may add. anyway, he speaks perfect english, and doesn't seem to need the profit whores, like wall-mart to translate the signs into his native tounge. this is not by accident, it is because his family thought it was important to be able to speak the language, so that they could communicate with americans. you wouldn't move to france without knowing how to speak french, would you? when when his family came here, they understood that, they must become americans who were from laos, not laotians who live in america.

    my grandfather killed Germans for this country, and it is insulting to see illegal aliens, using U.S. freedom to protest, they are taking advantage of rights that do not belong to them. isn't the job of I.N.S. to deport illegals?
    where the hell were they, during the protests? i understand that they don't want the bad press, but if you or i,were to commit a crime while protesting, do you think that we would be arrested? you bet we would. illegals were commiting a crime just by being there!

    i invite all american citizens, black, white, hispanic, asian, arabic, etc., to stand up and say "were not going to take it anymore". illegal immigration is a problem for all citizens, from both a financial, and a security standpoint. if that many illegals enter without resistance how many terrorists do the same?
  20. Cyclops01

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    Eden, NC.
    Things have gone so far astray that the only way to get it back now is to take it back. I just don't see that happening.