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    it is on again tonight. i was just thinking how the whole marine code of conduct is different from the navy's. i spent 8 years in naval aviation. spent a bit of time at millington tenn. for "a" school and marine helicopter "c" school. while at c school i practically lived with the marines. really enjoyed their company. they are a whole other set of psychs than the navy tough. anyway, how many people on here were military, which branc, and when? i'll start usnavy 1969 to 1970 adj2(e5) onboard uss jfk(cva67) in a vaw sqaudron( vaw125) next was vt22 at kingsville texas. the first 4 were great, the second 4 were a love / hate. you don't want to be in a peace time military. i adapted my military training to my civilian trade. semper fi marines.