A drowning at my local lake

Discussion in 'Boating' started by ncfowler, Jun 12, 2007.

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    last saturday around 4pm a fellow angler drowned after his boat capsize, I do not know all the details but, what info i got was he forgot to put the plug in his boat, it sunk within 30 min after he left the launch.
    A golfer playing at the course which borders the lake called in the boat sinking. It always makes me wonder how such accidents can happen, We all at one time forgot to put the plug in the boat and figured it out real quick.
    What realy makes me wonder why the person did not put on his PFD. even if it is 90 out and the water temp is in the 80's. when on the water and your boat is sinking get that life jacket on.
    Also reports that he tried to get the boat up on plane and it was purposing real bad.
    When i'm on the water i always keep my eyes open for anything that looks like there might be a potentinal problem, I sure that other boater must have seen it and why no one render any help.
    This is not a real big lake and there are alot of boater on it during the weekend. I was there till noon on saturday at which point the boat traffic became more than i liked in the area i was fishing
    This just reminds me that safety first alway check your boat before you launch, make sure the were your pfd when under way and in time of
    emergency, when there a problem get to shore as quickely as possible, stay clam, keep a clear mind, let other boaters know there is a problem,
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    this is a sad story -- I'm sorry this happened. I hope this happened away from the sight of other boaters...if not, everyone who noticed is obligated to assist.

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    I'm sorry to hear about this too Jeff, so sad. You've made a very informative and caring post however. Thank you my friend, for taking the time to remind all of us that safety is key....AND, to be observant and watch out for fellow boaters/anglers :smile2:.
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    Very sad, thanks for sharing.

    Reminder to all for safety.
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    Saving personal property often takes priority over self preservation.
    Sounds like instead of putting on the jacket he made the move to save the vessel.
    We'll never know the answers as to why alot of people drown but we know that the wrong decision(s) made during a crisis are deadly. There isnt time for second chances.
    I had a coworker drown at 18 years old in this manner deer hunting.
    To get to the deer hunting he and 2 friends had to traverse a river in a jon boat. It started taking on water. He jumped out to lessen the weight and intended to hang on to the boat.

    They found him hours later with one boot off. He managed to get that one boat off before he succombed to the river.

    He made the wrong decision and paid for it unfortunately.
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    thanks jeff for the informative post, it truly is an eyeopener....too sad that one guy had to llose a life instead of learnin a lesson. maybe it will make someone else pay closer attention.