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    On Friday I decided to take my boat and go fishing. (It was going to be in the 50s) So I packed up my stuff and headed for the lake. When I got to the lake I did the usal things like put slack in my trailer rope, Took off the transom saver and unplug the lights. When I backed the trailer in the water the rope that holds my boat on the winch broke and the boat floated off the trailer. I jumped out of the truck and ran down the pier. But the wind caught it and it was out of reach.
    I thought about trying to jump in the boat but water temp is 46 degrees.
    I just stood there with my head down and watch it head for the current to be taken out to the main lake. Thinking "well poop. There is not another boat in sight" I must of stood there for 4 or 5 min. watching the boat slowly drift farther and farther away. Then the sound of a out board coming! The 2 guys in a boat looked at my boat and looked at me and belly laughed. Which got me laughing.They drove over got my boat and pulled it back to the dock. I don't know who these 2 guys were but if they are members of the BOC THANKS AGAIN for getting my boat for me!
    No I never caught a thing but a laugh friday.
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    Well Bill you made your first trip one to remember. It seems that you can check and recheck and think you have covered all the basics and still have something to happen. Most of us can relate to that. Glad you got your boat back. Better luck next trip.:lol: :big_smile:

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    LMAO. " No I never caught a thing but a laugh Friday" That's a good catch..:cool2: :006:

    Had some stuff happen while camping and boating myself. Have helped many on the lake and needed and gotten help for myself. :tounge_out:

    Stuff happens sometimes. I've done the by-myself thing many times. There is still some good ones that help out now an then. Just don't make it a habit:tounge_out:
    BOC shows the help all the time.:cool2:

    Glad it worked out and U got your boat back and didn't watch it go out to sea. LOL:0a20:
    BTW, I have jumped in water that cold. :0a5:
    That was younger days and it turn me blue. Talk about a turtle hiding in it's shell. :tounge_out: :tounge_out: Anyway

    Make sure to check that rope and dont forget your boat plug..:wink: :cross: :004: :0a1: