A Day to Remember ( guy's you gotta see this!!!!!!)

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    Hey Ya'll I want to share this with all the fellow B.O.C member's out there, This was a fishing trip Dave and I took in 2009 we were fishing a river for some channel cat's and well as luck would have it Dave fell asleep again but this time he had a friend to keep him warm by the fire, as i feed the fire wood into the fire to keep them both warm and toasty by the fire Dave and his friend were fast asleep and i was busy fishing but i just had to take a pic. of this to show ya'll how good a fisherman Dave is and what he dose while waiting for the fish to bite hope ya'll enjoy this ........ dave4.jpg Hope ya'll enjoy this als much as i do lmao ...sniper
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  2. rcbbracing

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    Thanks for the update and i appreciate you feedin the fire to keep my and my lil friend warm too...im not worried ide rather snuggle up next to the homeless guys cat than up to walt (like you did) anyhow....anyway great picture didnt turn out too bad...No need to call my fishing skills into question you vulture...i had to drive home while you slept and then cut wood all morning while you slept till dinner time after i dropped you off....hope i get to meet another strange puss on next years adventures too!

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    You guys crack me up, I see more pics of ya'll sleeping than fishing...LMAO:rotfl:I still cant get over that pic of two guys in that bed!
  4. catfishfearme

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    Dave, Dave,Dave. what can i say.BUT( sorry will) i will say this much this pic is not as distressing as the two guy's in the same bed, and as tbull said, do you guy's ever pull in fish when you go? well if not at lest the one with the camera had a good time:smile1::laugh1::laugh1:
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    This reminds me of a night fishing a MWCD lake with a buddy. We took a younger boy with us for a night of flathead fishing. He crashed out on a tarp about 3 am. Around 4 am. my buddys clicker started going, we walked down the bank, caught a nice flathead, got pic.s and still no movement from him.. My buddy layed the flathead on the tarp beside him. Only took a couple of seconds for the fish to tail-snap and wake him up. Imagine waking to have a flathead in your face! LOL.. Needless to say, he didn't wanna go back to sleep after that.. It was funny as all get out! rollo
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    lol thats better than no puss i guess its hairy and warm :sinister:
  7. Catfish_Rob

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    I can't help but fall asleep during some of those all night fishing trips. There used to be a fox that would come up and take my bait while I was asleep.