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    i took 2 of my grandsons this morning . got a late start .they didn`t git here till 7:00 am . hour drive left my tank hose at home :angry:.had a new one in the tool box on the truck :big_smile:. hose had no ends :angry:.found one in the boat .[need 2:angry:.:0a24: had a male part of a air quick coupler in the tool box . samd thread as the tank hose will fit snug onto :big_smile::cross: cranked up and started out on thewater . would not run full throdle . lower cylinder not firing .:angry: went across the ake slow but we got on the water fishing at 8:30. cought to nice chanel cats in 10 min.by 11:00 we had 12 . took the air duck off the frunt of the carbs . removed the bottom carb drain . no gass :roll_eyes::confused2:. squeezed the bulb and beat the bottom carb till it bled .[gass ran out of it ]:crazy::big_smile: . while i was working on carb i lost several bits . then it got hot and they quit biting . then it was :0a22:every thing went fine .came home the boys had a good day fishing and a good mess of fish .BOY WHAT A DAY .