a Day late and a hog short a true story

Discussion in 'Small Game Hunting' started by porkypig, Oct 6, 2006.

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    Today I woke at 4 am and headed to the honey island swamp to hunt Rabbit,Squirrel and wild Ferral Hog. This is a day id been looking foward to for quite some time since I love feeding those who are less fortunate than some so I found myself deep in the woods tracking a fresh set of prints that id say came from a 50-60 lb hog. I suddenly came into a clearing and came accross a guy hunting deer with a bow. I asked him if he had ever seen the new 17cal of which I was now sporting as the proud new owner and the first person to have purchased the gun in Louisiana. He was as impressed as I was by this fine weapon that is 700 ft per second faster than its bigger sister the 22cal. He then told me " man youd better be careful they dont catch you in here with that thing" I assured him that altho very powerful for its size I had personally gone myself yesterday to the wildlife agency and the chief gave me the green light to hunt with it. The strainger looked at me, smiled and then informed me that hunting season dosnt open untill tomorrow Ha Ha! Me and my roomie high tailed it out of there in a hurry as we both wore very bright hunter orange shirts and caps. As I realized that my gun case was now sitting on the front seat of my car in plain view I just knew that the enforcement agent would surely be waiting near my car to arrest us both so I asked myself what id tell him should he in fact be there and the answer was simple THE TRUTH.
    What poacher would go into a federal wildlife area wearing bright orange and even fill out the self clearing card by checking off HUNTING RABBIT PIG AND SQUIRREL as to why we were there.
    Well we made it out handcuff free and now I cant wait for tomorrow to get out there in nature and do it all over again.
    Only this time we will be legal and hopefully we will take home an abundance of fresh meat to share with others.
    The area is over run by wild hog, some weighing 400+ lbs.
    Well thats another story but in any event ill let you know how we did. I just thought that what happened today was pretty funny.[/SIZE]
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    That's a good story Casey. :lol: Well I hope you have better luck tomorrow, for real this time. I wish we had them pigs around here to hunt. Bag a big one Brother. Good luck

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    I hope you had a bigger gun for those pigs. The .17 is a very fragile cartridge which will not penetrate enough to kill a hog. I love mine for anything the size of a coyote or smaller, but a pig is too well protected with fat and gristle for the .17. With a small one you just run the risk of injuring the pig, with a big one he could turn on you. We don't need to get anyone injured around here.
    Take care and have fun with the new gun.
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    A good size hog has a good size head. Put one in it, it'll drop. No point in spoiling good meat
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    Between and right above the eyes.In the ear or right behind the ear angling forward.This is where you kill a domestic hog with a 22 short prier to butchering.Anywhere else with a little slug and you may have to fight.I say may because I don;t think the hog knows where he is going to fight or run from time to time.Just don;t figure it is gone because it ran off.Some have a habit of changing it's mind and coming back.You are going to need a bullet that will penetrate.Some of the 17's in center fire are made to disintegrate upon hitting small game so as not to ruin the pelt.A round like this could leave you with a mad Hog with a sore spot.We often forget that a hog can kill in a instant as it runs by.A slashed blood vessel is what has killed most men in my lifetime,and the major one in your groin or leg is what is normally cut if you are not catching the hog.Only the foolish are reckless.peewee
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    Y'all were lucky........LOL. Thanks for sharing.