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Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by wolfman, Oct 11, 2009.

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    Walter Flack
    Got up early this morning with plans to go fishing. Went outside to get loaded up and noticed my truck had a flat tire. So I get the tire changed and as I walked behind the truck, cracked my shin on the hitch reciever. I went down hard doing a half tuck and roll into the front yard holding my shin in pain and agony. As the initial pain wore down to a low roar, I get up and hobble to the garage to finish getting my gear together. Hop in the truck and start to leave when I smell a foul odor of dog poop. Apparently when I tuck and rolled into the front yard, must have rolled right in dog $h!t. Obviously the neighbor hood dog dont like going in his own yard. So I park the truck and get out and check my jacket and sure enough a nice fresh spread of dog poop not only on my jacket but now on the seat in the truck. I go inside to changed then go back out to clean the mess off the seat of the truck. (next time I see that d@^^n mutt, it is history). So now Im ready to go fishing as soon as I make one stop to get gas in my truck. I get out and pump 10 gallons in the truck and when finished, reach for my wallet...Oh crap! I forgot my wallet. Now I try to plead my case to the cashier to let me go and get my wallet but this wasnt gonna happen and just remembered that my cell phone is in the truck. I call my wife to bail me out and it took her over an hour before shows up with my wallet. Embarrased, I grab a few munchies, pay for the gas and head off to my 1st choice bank spot. Arrive and not good, already taken, I ask the guy if he caught anything and he said he just got there about 30 minutes ago and caught a couple nice 5 pound channels in that short of time. So Im thinking to myself, I would have that spot if it wasnt for my bad luck today. Now Im deciding where to go next, and after checking a couple other spots that were taken, figured I would just give it up and go home and watch the Nascar race on tv. Its a good thing too, because when I pulled up into the drive, there was my bait cooler I left setting on the garage floor.
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    Walt I had a similar issue the other day, I got up and had a flat tire. I go to put the spare on and I could only get 3 of the 5 lug nuts off cause the outside of them are stripped. I get a hold of a guy that lives near me and he brings over a ratchet that can get them off. Get the tire changed and leave for work. No dog crap involved but I was pretty pizzed LOL

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    sounds like an adventure for sure.. sorry you didnt get to fish, im sure next time youll remeber the misfortune, and try to watch out for them things! GOOD LUCK:wink:
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    Walt, what ever you do, dont try to fart! lol:eek:oooh::smile2::smile2::smile2:
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    Wolfman it just aint your day bro..we all get those from time to time sounds like you got a doozey one today.Although your post did give me a good laugh.
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    Walter it just wasn't your day. Remember"moma said there would be days like that".:wink:
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    Some day your the bug and others your the windshield!​
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    but thanks for the laugh!!:smile2: