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    Last year in early spring I headed to Deer Creek to see how the bite was. With one throw of my net I had more then enough shad to last all day with some to freeze afterwards. I found my favorite spot empty and got my poles into the water. I started catching 3-4 lb channels within minutes.
    There was a family fishing just up from me that wasn't even having any bites, finally a boy came down to see what I was doing different. I cut up some shad and gave it to him to take to fish with. He showed back up and was watching me,I asked why and he said he broke his pole. Only having big poles with me I couldn't help him out.
    About that time I had a tremendous run, set the hook and handed him my pole to reel in. He grunted and groaned for a while but finally got it in, a 8lb channel. He was tickled to death and had to show everyone what he caught. Reflecting back I was using my 12' St Croix and a Calcutta 400. If he had let go that would have been one expensive fish, price of the setup about $400, smile on his face priceless.:wink:
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    Awesome thing to do bro. Kids are like elephants they remember everything.

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    i know the feeling on that one my 1o year old reminds of the snapping turtle he first caught when i took him fishing when he was 5 :smile2: among other things lol
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    i usually get some extra shad and give to people if they want any.you can get shad year round pretty easy at deer creek instead of freezing them,fresh is always better than frozen any way.early spring,you can get them in the creek,at the end of old 207 at the riffles and down a little farther when they go up there to spawn.when that runs out and they come back out in the lake,i go to the spillway,i asked the game warden where the 1000 foot mark is,he said it is alright to throw net from the 2nd handicap fishing access on down,i have caught quite a bit there.also,if you have a boat,the ramp down by the marina,across the lake,sorta northwest,there is a little sandy beach,in front of that,you can get them by the bucket fulls.
    in april,weather allowing,i go in the morning for crappie,then in the afternoon,i go get some shad in the creek and hit old 207 for some good channel fishing.

    that was a very nice thing for you to do is let that kid catch a fish on your pole,it is always great to see the smile on their face and knowing that hopefully,you just helped another kid get hooked on fishing.
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    Good story thanks for sharing!!

    Tappan lake is the same way, went early spring came back with all the bait i need!