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    SE columbu
    i have located a couple of different pond that i know hold catfish in them. both ponds are relativly small around 1-2 acres big.

    ok first pond

    the first pond is a runoff pond for some warehouses i stumbled upon. i have caught a 4 flats. a 25, 15, and a couple 5s and one channel around 5 pounds. a buddy has caught 1 flat at 14 pounds and a channel around 5 pounds it has 2 sewer like tunnels right next to eachother one seems to be emptying out in to the pond as the other one seems to be draining it. even after a heavy rain the pond it still relativly clear which tells me the water is circulating. in front of the tunnels are some rocks and such but roughly 2-4ft from the bank the water depth drops so i cant see the bottom but only speculate that it is still rocky there. as for other structures there doesnt seem to be any to tell from the top of the water. i know that there is a deep end and a shallow end the deep end runs roughly around 15ft deep and the shallow end ranges from 6-10 ft deep (i have tested it out with a bober slip combination to float the bobber to the surface of the water from the bottom) which is relativly deep for a runoff pond that i know of. i have had a couple of snags that i have run into but dont know what it is. in the deeper end of the pond roughly 3ft out from the bank is a pretty steep drop to around 5-6ft deep. shad is abundant and some gills but not a lot. there are also some bass too.

    second pond

    the second pond was a pond that was dug out for some reason or another. again has a shallow and deep end. shallow end runs around 3 ft deep and the deep end runs around 7.5ft deep. only cover/structure i know in here is a christmas tree someone put on the frozen surface to sink in the melt of the spring on the deep end. the shallow end has a grassy/veggie bottom for the most part. it has a few flats ranging from 10-20+ plenty of channels some in the 10-15 pound range along with smaller ones and some blues in the 20pound+ in it and smaller ones there is shad, some gills mostly small ones round 2-3 inches very few bass and lots of crappie in the 2-6in range. the only way this pond gets water to it that i can tell is only when it rains and from the snow melt in the spring. the water always seems to be really dirty/cloudy.

    now i know from general knowledge and from readings on here on some things to do. but my question is if you were the ones to fish these ponds how would you go about doing it not being able to see most things like structures and so forth? just only what you have heard?
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    you can get a rod and reel depth finder or tie an egg sinker to the end, and cast and reel in slowly along the floor of the pond to figure out what is there

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    sounds like a good find you have there, and your having some luck already ,,I use a hand held fish finder ,,runs on 2 dbl A batterys that works good for ponds . It shows fish,, depth and structure ,,has a 20 ft cord to the transducer. good luck and show us some pics,
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    You can tear a pond up with a Kat Bobber. Catch some forage and hang it out there for the kitties. Ive read a few people say they dont like perch for Channels. Not the cas ehere. That big Channel in my avatar was caught on a big gill, if they find it, they will slam it. Hold on.