A Circle Hook Tutorial

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    There are alot of people that fish circle hooks the wrong way. It took me a while to get the concept down, but I rarely miss a fish now. The most common mistake that I see or hear people doing is "Setting The Hook". When using Circle Hooks you DO NOT set the hook. You will loose a fish 99% of the time if you "Set The Hook". You just pick up on the rod & the fish hooks it's self. The second most common error is not waiting until the rod "Loads Up". This is the point where the fish is "on" & there is no doubt about it. The "Load Up" point differs on just about all rods due to the action and materials used in each rod. I have included some pics of a few rods & their "Load Up" points. The rods I used were a GATOR CUSTOM FLATHEAD ROD, a FENWICK WATER EAGLE (FLATHEAD), a QUANTUM BIG CAT (FLATHEAD) & a PINNACLE POWER TIP (CHANNEL). You will notice why the Big Cat may not be a great circle hook rod, due to the heavier action adn the less of a "load up" point. A rod doesnt have to give up the extra power just to have a more sensative tip, take a look at the Gator Rod. I would not worry about fisghting a 40#+ Flathead on this rod & it has a very sensative tip.

    I have also included some pics of basic circle hooks.

    I also think finding a good rod holder is crucial in using circle hooks. When in a boat, finding a good rod holder is much easier than finding a good bank rod holder. I have pics of the rod holders that I use in my boat as well as the rod holders I use while bank fishing.

    I am no means a pro & there are others that know MUCH more about circle hook fishing that I do, but I just wanted to make this short tutorial in hopes that it may help some of you.

    Remember, be patient, let that rod "Load Up" then grab it from the rod holder & hang on. If you do everything correct, the hook will be perfectly set in the corner of the cat's mouth.

    Pic #1: Gator Rod "Loading Up"


    Pic #2: Fenwick Water Eagle "Loading Up"


    Pic #3: Quantum Big Cat "Loading Up"


    Pic #4: Pinnacle Power Tip "Loading Up"


    Pic #5: Boat Rod Holders


    Pic #6: Bank Rod Holders


    Pic #7: Misc Circle Hooks (These are Gama & King Kats)


    Good Luck To You All.