A Choice On May 5th

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    This is something I was reminded of in my local News Paper today and thought I would pass it on. Its a mix of their words and mine.


    On May 5th, We celebrate National Day of Prayer.
    Those who have faith , or asked to Pray that day ( any day ) for our Nation, our destiny, and for our leaders to make the right choices and acknowledge our God as a source of strength and guidance.

    Many still deny the existence and presence of God in their lives. That is their choice. Those of us who believe in the man above, please say an extra prayer for those who dont.

    As a Nation I feel We the people of America are becoming over powered with boundaries of choice when it comes to God and other things in life. Our Nation has grown in wealth, power and strength like no other Nation has ever grown, but many has forgotten The Grace of God.

    For those who has not forgotten God is a part of our Life's, please pray for those who have forgotten. Pray for peace and prosperity for all mankind. Pray for our Nation.

    I will pray we all make the right choice that brings peace/prosperity to our life and souls, of all the American people, for all mankind, also for the safety of our Military and Law enforcement, who protect us.
    Give thanks for the good things in our life as well as asking God to help us with the troubled things that come into our life's.

    I also pray for the future of our children. That they will not have to endure many of the troubles we are face with in today's times.

    This is just a reminder and a choice for all of us.

    Good fishing to all.
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    Thanks for sharing!

    Very important for all to see.

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    Clovis Cali
    Thanks Dan for the reminder. Very important! Not to many times this country can say we all are in one mind and one accord. This country is hurting and many of us stand confussed at all that is happening around us. Some (I been guilty of this as well) have this lil fear that everything will get worse. We all know that God is not the author of confussion or fear. I hope we ALL come together and recongize how important this day is to us.
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    Same here John. Thanks for sharing that post Dano. It's very important for us to Pray for our country and for our selves. Just think, this is where our kids are going to live.