A Challenge for all of you

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by curtbltz, Mar 7, 2008.

  1. curtbltz

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    Ontario Canada
    Hey guys and gals. I'm up late here with something on my mind. Now I'm still a young buck 26yrs young, happily married and an avid fisherman and hunter. The outdoors has kept me going literally. In 2000 I was delt a physical disability. I'm living with it and not letting it get me down or anything. Fishing and hunting are my past times and I find them to always calm and keep me at peace. I was lucky as a child, my father took me fishing allot and exposed me to nature early. Not all kids are so lucky and some don't know the difference between concrete and grass and thats sad.

    My challenge to you all is to expose a youngster to the outdoors and teach them the beauty of nature and to respect everything god gave us in nature. Lets all help the children of today grow up to be thoughtful to the outdoors. Now if u don't have children of your own like myself and my wife, take a friends child or a little cousin, anyone who could enjoy being outside in nature.

    Let's not let great traditions like fishing hunting and overall conservation fade away. I hope most of u accept my challenge. Thanks for reading and lets get out there and enjoy the greatness mother nature has to offer to us !:wink:
  2. smokey

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    Welcome brother C.J.I except your challenge. One of my goals this year is to take a kid fishing.smokey

  3. shania

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    Well - the way I see it - someone showed me - not it my turn to show someone - and I promise, ("No I Know") that I will give it a shot.

    BIG GEORGE New Member

    Done did it with 3 sons and now I'm workin on the grandson. Good post.
  5. Ulikedew

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    Georgetown IN
    I rarely go fishing without my son.Try to take his friends but they lose interest after getting there 10 min. Drives me nuts these video friends of his.
    I end up telling tough luck I am fishing and am not going to put my poles in for 20 min and call it quits.
  6. Mac-b

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    North Caro
    Brother Curt, I took your challenge a long time ago. When I book fishing trips, I do not charge for children twelve and under, started that back in 1995. You are on the right track, keep it up.
  7. crazyjet1

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    Being 18 yrs old myself im up for the challenge and will be taking my 5 year old cousin out for the first time to catch some kitties from the bank. I cant get him to get in the boat with me even thoe i tried hard. I think i will have to settle for the little creek by my house but it will work out just fine becasue I will get him out there and he will have fun catching ole kitties.

    Being young and put into this sport when i was that age made all the difference in my life and my view of the outdoors. Hopefully he will enjoy it like me.

    Now i just got to keep from letting everyone in the family know becasue they will all want to go. I cant handle all the little ones at once so lets go one at a time.
  8. willcat

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    Do it every time I go out. My stepson's dad didnt pay much attentio to him or his mother for that matter lol, so we go together everytime, plus I have 4 nephews that I take also every now & then, now that is a challenge right there!!!!!
  9. cathooked

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    north carolina
    my 18 yo son wont let me fish alone,if i go hes with me,told his gf one time i cant go out on that date with ya friday cause me an pops going fishin the whole weekend,they had a few words but we went fishin anyway,hes a good son,i can only hope the rest of ya have a son like mine,sounds one sided but hes my bestest friend..
  10. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    Took all my kids. Working my way thru 9 grandkids now along with a couple of nephews. Just about a full time job between hunting and fishing.
  11. Dano

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    I 100% except your challenge . I'm working on my Grandkids now and love every minute of it. Dont get to see my Grand Daughter as much as I would like but when I do, she love's outside and has already caught fish.
    I do get my grandson 2-3 times a week.
    He is 14 months old. Saturday, I'm buying him a one man tent, sleeping bag and little chair that comes in a package deal. We going to camp in my living room. LOL
    Wife says I'm moving too fast on fishing gear for him. Got him a rig all ready for him this summer. LOL. He loves the outdoors cause I always got him with me outside when he is here. I tell him everything I know when playing outside. Took him to lake a couple weeks ago. he sure did like it.
    Outdoor fun with my Grand kids, good stuff. I love them grandkids.
    Only thing, when my Sons was little, it was easyier on me, I could move around a little better. LOL.
    As much as My wife an I will have grandkids this spring and summer, I'm off the computer for a while when weather is right so I can show them how to get dirty outside. LOL.