A bunch of questions? - I need basic catfishing sucess tactics!

Discussion in 'Channel Catfish' started by durben, Apr 16, 2006.

  1. durben

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    Ive been fishing for cats for about 6 years and i know the lake i fish at has big cats, but does it matter when u go fishing on the weather, and the moon or is it if you know where theyre at?I also would like to know when do u know whether to fish deep or shallow?when is the best time to catfish late evening , day , or after midnight? For the really big cats what is a good bait,will chicken liver catch the big cat?
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    Fresh cut bait for big channels, preferably shad...I have my best luck from 8pm-till midnight...I fish deeper water in the daytime, and shallow water at night.

  3. Kentucky Boy

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    I agree with the last guy, I normally do best from dusk until midnight or 0100. I never see any difference in the moon or any of that, but right before a shower the fish seem to know that the bugs will be getting washed into the water and will come shallow and around the edges to feed. I have had good luck with chicken liver, and its my personal favorite get anywhere bait, but for channel cats I have had good luck with crawdads.
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    First off, welcome to the BOC Mike. I know you will enjoy this site and find a lot of information here.

    For finding the place to fish, I think most of the members will agree that on any body of water that over 60% of the water will not produce any fish or fish of the size that you want. You need to find the areas that have the fish in them. Look for areas on the lake that have structure that will produce fish. An inlet to the lake of a stream, fallen logs, old road beads, or chanels going through the lake are just a few of the areas that should produce fish. If you are fishing from the bank these places can often be hard to get to, but when you find an area that has fish then you should be able to find fish there just about any time you go fishing.

    The time of day you fish can also make a difference in whether you find fish or not. I find that catfish do not bite that good in the afternoon. Early morning or late afternoon have always been good for me, and at night. I do not feel that time has as much importance as structure though.

    I feel that we can give you more and better information if you let us know more about where and how you fish. Do you fish from the bank or from a boat. What lake are you fishing on and if it is a big lake what area. You will find that we have a lot of good members from Ohio and if they know where you are fishing that there will be someone that will help you. Hay you may just find someone that will show you some good fishing spots.

    Where you place your post can also make a difference on the replays thet you get. I would suggest that you place a post under Ohio and then lakes. That way you will be getting to the people that are around you and can give you the most help for the area that you are in.

    Enjoy the BOC brother.
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    Haughton, Louisiana
    Welcome to the BOC! I warn you it is addictive.:rolleyes:

    For lake fishing you already have some good advise. To add a thing or two:

    1. before a nasty storm is usually awesome. The bite usually turns on the day before right up to the first rain.

    2. If you are out on a windy day, get up in the coves where the wind is blowing waves up on the bank. The wind blows the plankton and the shad follow and the cats follow and gorge themselves on the easy pickins.

    3. I do not know if yall have cormerants (black fishing ducks that roost over water) up there but if you do fish under their roost trees with white bait and no or very little weight. The bigger cats sit under the trees waiting for second hand fish.:bad_smelly: I know it sounds disgusting but it works. Don't scare the birds as it will rain fish food on your boat when they take off.
  6. dip

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    stinkin ohio
    hay durbin you should tell us what lake you fish and somebody should be able to help you out. i personally have never caught anything "big" on chicky liver and for the most part i ain't bought any kind of bait for over 6 years. buy a cast net, learn how to use it and if you're lucky you'll find a reliable shad spot.
  7. durben

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    Well i fish on a bank on glendening lake in ohio,the biggest fish ive ever caught has benn 5 pounds. I want bigger though i use chicken liver and just always catch usually small cats.I know that there are bigger cats there i just dont know how to catch them or exatly what to look for.Every time i go out fishing i always catch little ones but will a big cat run like a little on or do they take it slow?I appreciate all the info and the help.Some of the baits that some of you say.. i dont know what they are i know of the bluegills and goldfish.
  8. WylieCat

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    Durben welcome to the site!

    Here are a few of my basis rules for catfish. They are similar to what a lot of people have told you already.

    1) Big bait equals bigger fish. 7/0 and up hooks and bait to match. Cut bait, bream, crappie, striper fillets, shad are all good big fish baits.

    2) Open water during the day, shallow water at night. By that I mean fishing away from the bank in open water down to 25 feet and by shallow I mean casting from the boat to the bank into 1-4 feet of water.

    3) Utilize underwater structure changes, i.e. drop-offs, ditches, humps.

    4) Don't dwell on one place too long if fish are not biting. 30 minutes is about all I will give a place no matter how good it is if the fish are not biting there.

    I don't pay too much attention to the moon, weather, or water temps, because I have caught big fish in all conditions. I am not saying those factors don't affect fish, but I can plan my fishing trips around ideal condition. I have NOT caught big fish during ideal conditions just like I have caught big fish during horrible conditions.

    Fishing is like hunting. Anyone can go out one time and get lucky and nail a big one, but to do it consistently you have to put time in on the water and in the woods to learn a series of things that will and will not work. Some people have the luxury of fishing a lot, some do not. Even if I have a couple of hours I try to hit the water and see what is working. Don't plan your trips around the times you have all day or all night. If you have water near you to fish get out whenever you can.
  9. AwShucks

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    My advice, and it's free - so you know what it's worth - is to just keep your hook in the water. There is no telling when fish will bite, or what they will bite on... it's not science...it's communicating with nature, being outdoors and having day dreams. If they are there, be persistent and you'll catch some.
  10. loanwizard

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    Welcome to the BOC Mike. If you fish Clendening then you are not far from me. I am in Coshocton. I won't say you cannot get a big one with chicken liver. I fished with it for thirty years and my biggest was about 5 pounds ;) .

    The first thing you need to do is go to your local bait shop. Grill the owner, look at the pictures, find some of the guys that fish for the big ones and listen.

    Next, get the biggest most ridiculous looking gear you can find. A zebco 33 wil last maybe one to two good size fish. Get hooks that look way too big. I use size 8 Gamakatsu Octopus Circle hooks and some guys think they are small.

    Next get a cast net. Until you get one you can buy creek chubs and the biggest goldfish the baitshop has, as well as some 2 oz sinkers. Don't forget the nightcrawlers. Then use the nightcrawlers to catch bluegill, eating size.

    For spring, find the warmest shallowest water you can find but rely on what you hear from others that know your lake. Best time for me is 6pm - 11pm.

    Big fish like big lively or fresh cut bait. If you are looking for a good spot, keep an eye to the water for lots of fish hitting the surface. these are probably shad. If you find shad, use the castnet to catch a batch. My favorite bait is a 9 inch live shad. My second favorite, even over a live bluegill is a freshly dead shad.

    Keep light to a minimum and noise as well. Just like a big buck, flathead catfish are very spooky in nature.

    The Ohio fisherman are having a get together the first weekend in May at Salt Fork. You are invited, and if you come, you WILL learn lots.

    Good Luck,
    Shawn Dostie
  11. lynard_454

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    Look for good cover. I have had the best luck with downed trees that are even with the top of the water. If your fishing during the day look for shade, but i agree with the rest the guys when it comes to bait shad is your best bet.
  12. photocat

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    HOCO, Maryland
    does it matter when u go fishing on the weather, and the moon or is it if you know where theyre at? If you can stand to be out there... then be out there... you can't catch fish with out wet lines and hooks...

    I also would like to know when do u know whether to fish deep or shallow? try both... look for spots that have deep near shallow and then cast one rod to each depth level (usually using the same bait, but not always)

    when is the best time to catfish late evening , day , or after midnight? When you can get out there to fish... if you've got a whole day fish the whole day... if you've only got a 4 hr period mid day to fish, use it... I keep rods in my truck at all times to be able to go when ever... also have a small container of DK pb so i have some bait with me...

    For the really big cats what is a good bait,will chicken liver catch the big cat?
    I've heard DK pb works on big fish but never had anything too large come in on it... but that could just be me and not the bait... Shad seems to work too... though i've had my last two personal best channel cats come off of chicken liver.... I'd say keep trying and you'll find one that works for your lake/river... and don't let bait size be an issue... most fish over 10 lbs or even 20 have large enough mouths to take large sunnies and/or shad in their mouths with no problems what so ever...
  13. curtis

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    hey welcome to the boc. i just got luckey the other weekend and caught a big fish! i see you know what blue gill are, they work great as bait! also goldfish i heard is a very good bait for big flat head cats. for the blue gill just cut of the spines over the top of the body cut it up a bit and throw that sucker in there. it worked for me.
  14. CJ21

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    Montgomery, Alabama
    I wont say that u cant catch big channels on chicken livers, but if I was fishing for big channels I would try nightclawers, cut bait or bream.
  15. BigOleW9

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    Most record gamefish are caught within 3 days before, during, or 3 days after a full or new moon.