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Ok John,Now Just what Kind of Fish do Them Scales come Off Of?(Justice Scales) NO now I think I Know,It's Most Likely what We Call Carp,and Known as Bugle Mouth Bass to Our Southren Brothers South of the Mason Dixon line They Love to Fish for them things with Plugs,Corn,Spotted Wally Doggers,and such.They buy them BIG Bassin Boats with the Big motors and go scootin all over the lakes at breakneck speeds,makin them WAKES and causin HUGE Waves that rock our ancored boats and spillin our BEER ALL over the Place,Most always on the weekends. Anyway I'm a Still workin on that Math Problem Your needin help with in that other post. Got My Hunting Dog Helpin Me Too(Major) He's an English Springer and Really Smart. He also Keeps track of how many Beers I drink then Rats Me into the Wife when She Gets home.God I Love that Dog.So Bout 5 maybe 6 more Silver Bullets and I'll have it All figured out (The Math Problem that is)and be gettin back with the answer OK.Just Remember It's Hard gettin to the Top,and Harder to stay there once We Arrive Right? Well Hell Gota go now!!!! Dam Dog Spilled His beer Again.Later J.D.
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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