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    I know we all have a special story that has touched our hearts or influenced us to go after the big one that got away, or brought us closer to a loved one in one way or another or even made a new friend through fishing. The following story has a lot of meaning to me because it involves the realtionship between myself and my 17 year old son. Please be patient with me as Im not much of a story teller. I first met my son Brandon when he was 3 years old, yes Im the step-Dad, at the time I had married his mom while I was still in the Navy. I Promised my wife that it didnt matter that she had two little ones from a previous abusive marriage and that I would accept both her children as if they were my own considering thier real Dad had disappeared. The first time I had laid eyes on Brandon I came to tears because my dream of becoming a Daddy had finally came true ( I know I said two kids my daughter is another story LOL). Of course I wanted so bad to pass on all the knowledge of the out doors to my new son to include fishing, hunting, and out-door survival. Well it seemed like the Navy wanted to get in the way of that training and teaching because I ended up in every conflict that there was and the extended months and years away from home really messed that up.:embarassed:
    As the years passed and he became a teen-ager he acted like he hated the planned fising trips for the family that my wife truly enjoyed. After a while I stopped asking my son to go with me because I knew that he didn't like to fish. I retired from Uncle Sams canoe club (NAVY) in 2006 with 22 years of honorable service.
    Last Saturday morning I woke my son up at 5am and loaded up the truck with two poles and the cast net after a stop at the local Ihop and a quick breakfast we were on our way to the biggest fish story my son will be able to tell his future children. We stopped at a place where I caught bait fish with my cast net and decided it was time that Brandon learned how to throw the net or we werent going to fish, well after about an hour and a half he finally threw the net out in a perfect circle and hauled in a net full of bait fish:smile2:
    That was the beginning of the smile!!!!!!!!!
    To make a long story short LOL!!!! We got our poles in the water and I would say 10 to fifteen minutes later my sons pole almost lauched itself into the water he fought that fish for almost 30 minutes bfore he got it to the surface wich turned out to be a 25 lb striped bass I dont know who was more exited him or me LOL!!!!!!!!!!
    I must have had my head up my rear end because I forgot my camera oops!!!!!
    Anyway I helped him land it and once he realized how big this fish was he did his victory dance on the pier,turned and picked me up off the ground(he is a big boy LOL ) I asked him if he wanted to keep it and he said no , lets put him back so he could grow up LOL!!!!!
    Then I dropped the bombshell on him,,,,,,,, I told him that a 20lb catfish will fight a lot harder than that one!!!!!!! My son told me that we are going to Hopewell to catch the Va state record this coming Saturday.
    So I ask you who's smile was bigger mine or his?????????????????????
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    Great story Ken! It may have taken 14 years, but I think you've got him hooked now. :big_smile:

    Kudos to you for being a REAL dad. :cool2:

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    That's a great story. Thanks for sharing.
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    That's really awesome Ken!
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    Those memories will stick with you and him for the rest of your lives....
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    Great story; good for YOU! And HIM! Sounds like you both did good!
    And thanks for all those years of service so that we can enjoy the great outdoors....
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    Pinson, Al
    Great story.