A belated Happy Thanksgiving, to all

Discussion in 'General Conversation' started by Netmanjack, Nov 27, 2009.

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    Sorry I'm a day late, but ya see, I was fighting this big bird at every turn yesterday. It all started when it didn't want me putting the stuffing up its behind, can you imagine that! a turkey that didn't want stuffed? Well now what to do? I had a great idea, I would offer him a nice body massage, you know, to help settle his nerves and loosen his inhibitions as it were, the idea sounded good to me, but when my cold hands touched his belly and tickled him, well it startled him and he tried to jump out of the sink! Let me tell you what, it's not the easiest thing in the world catching a naked turkey with fingers covered in butter, but in a little while I had him trapped in a corner between the mixer and coffee pot, making it that much the better to heard him in to the awaiting roasting pan, I had given up on all civility and I roughly shoved its shoulders to the bottom of the pot and pounded the stuffing in, slapped the lid on that sucker and deposited it in the oven, at 425 degrees for the first 15 minutes..........Round one was over, phew! I needed a break. The next round started as the aromas, succulent and mouth water as they are assaulted my sensory organs and I found my self fighting to keep the gallons of drool contained within my mouth. Then I fought back the urges of opening the oven door at unscheduled intervals to take a quick peek, thus slowing the cooking time and delaying my ultimate goal. Being of the ilk most commonly here abouts I brought my cat fishing skills to bear, and settled in to play the waiting game. My patients won out, as in as little as three hours "it wasn't that big" I was rewarded with a golden brown stuffed bird, that lay there quietly begging for a sharp knife......I sure didn't have to fight getting that turkey down, man' it practically jumped off the plate and down the old gullet, if you catch my drift, no the fighting started when I tried unsuccessfully to back off from the table. I need to save room for desert! At any rate I lost the overall battle, I succumbed to two more plates and a cold turkey sandwich before going to bed, exhausted from all days battles. Oh yes, Happy Thanksgiving..:wink:
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    Wow,Jack. Sounds like you had a rough one. Mine wasnt quite as bad,even tho I over slept by 2 hrs:smile2: Still managed to git r done by a tad after noon. Glad you had a great thanksgiving.