A Banner Night On the Mississippi River

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    A Banner Night on the Mississippi River
    I suppose its no secret Cuz likes August. Dont know why its so good to me year after year. When I read a post that the river was coming up, AND its August too, well that was way to good of news pass up. "Honey, Daddy is going fishin all night tonight" "Yep, I know the chores arnt done yet, but this one is gonna have to slide. The river is just right." My wifes reply, "Thats what you always say. You'll come back skunked and mosquito bit" Made mental note to self to prove Wife wrong. Gary was wanting to fish Friday night all night, but I wont fish my favorite holes when there is lots of folks on the river for obvious reasons, so I decided on a Thursday night. Imagine my smile when I pulled into the ramp, and there was NOT A SOUL in sight. I thought to myself, how could no one be on the river on such a beautiful night.

    Began at the Plattin Rock boat ramp, and motored 10 miles south for bait. I made a mental note as I passed the Truman Boat ramp that there werent any trailers there either. (I had some 30 odd miles of beautifull flowing Mississippi River all to myself.) Hello Honey Holes....Gary gave me a hot bait tip, and in rather short order I had 100 6 inch asians in the bucket. (Wont give you the details on sinking up to my thighs in mud, and having to claw my flip flops out of a 3 foot deep hole) Took my asians back to the boat, and took a boatside bath. Changed clothes, and motored another 15 miles to a couple of my honey holes.

    I needed to rerig all of my rods from the Cabelas Tournament as I didnt want to chance a break off if I had weak spots. At 8:30 I set up on a 25 foot ledge that is adjacent to a 72 foot hole of water, and dropped one asian down while I rerigged the others. Within five minutes, the rod was bucking and I had a 10 pound fish in the boat. Pitched the Dink back to the depths and dropped it down again and proceeded to try and rerig again. BAM. Rod gets absolutely ripped, but no joy. Decided to leave the rod in, so I could finish rerigging without any more hassles.

    Finally get 3 outfits rerigged and dropped them all down to the ledge, then reeled them up 3-5 feet off the bottom, so they could drift just across the top of the ledge. Within 10 minutes had a 15 pound fish in the boat. Unhooking the 15, I had another rod go down hard, but missed that fish. I'm thinking now this is gonna be a slaughter, however, I didnt get another bite for 2 hours. I was just getting ready to pull anchor and slide south a bit, when One of my outside rod tips went to the water. Got the rod out of the holder and could tell immediately I had a Hog. Made five cranks on the fish, and noticed the rod adjacent to the one I just picked up got hammered too and the fish was still on there. (I'm guessing the two fish were together) I quickly realized that there was no way I could handle two fish, and the one I was fighting was a dandy so I just ignored my other rig which was being stripped of drag at an alarming rate. Decided to lock my drag down and winch the fish I had on in so I could get to the other rod. Got the one fish to the boat and reached down and grabbed her bottom lip and yanked her butt over the gunnell. Could tell she was a pig, but wasnt sure how big she was yet. Ran back and got the other rod, and fought what felt like an equally big fish for another five minutes trying to get some line back. Ended up losing this hog boat side. I guessed she was in the 40-50 range as she swam away but i wasnt positive. A little aggravated at losing the second fish, I remembered I had a pig in the boat so I focused my attention on her. Put the light on her and realized I had at least a 50 pound fish. Got the scale out, and had dead batteries. Measured the fish at 43 inches, and figured she go between 50-52 and tossed her overboard. I must have had alot of adrenalin going because I grabbed that fish with one hand and ripped her out of the water like a Bass Angler does on Sunday TV. Sat down and caught my breath and rebaited. Didnt get another bite for an hour and decided to move. I moved south a little and fished a 52 foot hole of water that borders up to a flat. Lines were in for maybe 15 minutes when My outside rig slammed down and begin hissing. I set the hook and new I had another good one. Got her in the boat in the same manner as the 50+ and measured her at 39 inches, and probably in the 40 pound range. NO more bites at that spot, and moved over to a rock revetment on the edge of a flat. Water was only 15 feet deep, but decided to give it a try. Proceed to hack a half dozen dinks (between 10 and 20 pounds) and decided to move after that bite slowed. Motored cross river to a sand flat that borders a 37 foot hole where I have caught fish before. Was in the water maybe a half hour when one rod did the long sloooowwwww take down. Got that fish in and measured her at 34 inches, and probably close to 25 pounds. Hit another couple spots and a few more dinks and I called it a day as a gorgeous sunrise came over the horizon. I had no idea where 12 hours went.

    Wish I could convey some sort of pattern to help the brothers/sisters out, however I found fish both shallow and very deep. Fish were feeding agressively the entire night, and no time span was better than any other. Water temp was a chilly 89.5 degrees, and there was light breeze out of the northeast. The barometer was steady, and the river was on a slight rise. Without fail though, all of the fish were caught in, or very near some of the deepest holes in the river I know of.

    I feel blessed to have such a great night and to enjoy some of our god given creatures for a few hours. All fish were released unharmed to fight again one day. I'll be turning in 3 fish for the Missouri Master Angler Award. A great program and a handsome certificate in turn for the release. I encourage all of our members to send in for the awards of all the pigs that have been caught this year.

    Please excuse the "unorthodox" photos. I was the only one in the boat, and it was a bear trying to get photos of the fish. I didnt want them bouncing around in the boat and injuring themselves, so I snapped away and pitched them overboard. I even tried to bear hug the 40 and get a photo. What a joke that was.

    Heres to hoping the Bros and Sis's can get into the fish like I was so lucky to do. I feel very, very fortunate to have that kind of night. Lord knows they dont happen very often.

    Thx for reading about one crazy night on the Mississippi River.