A Banner day below Alton dam area

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    You know you had a good day when a lot of time was spent wiping the slim from the line and your arms are still feeling the workout they got. Just dropping in doing this ban wagon thing with a fishing report. Put in at Columbia Bottoms yesterday in the wee hours of morning, for bait caught some shad, mooneye and some asian invaders. Found out a cast net will not hold a large thrashing fish, tried a spot where a discharge flowed into the main channel from a break in a parallel dike hoping to pick up some skippies but instead surprise a big boy, it was dark but sure would of liked to have seen what it was. Every time out seems to offer something new and this was such a day from trying new spots for bait to trying a new fishing technique. Both with great results.
    I have noted in certain areas where an expanded coverage without reanchoring was needed to better fish those conditions. I knew Chris (cpalombo) was familiar with planer boards so contacted him for info. ( ty CP ) Built one for each side and yesterday was the beginning of a new learning curve. Took two runs at anchoring to achieve the desired location for set up. Started with two poles out the back then was just putting out the second planer when wham. Big blue, had it up within 10 yds from the boat before slipping off of hook, if anybody catches one with a tore lip let me know… dropped my lines down to the desired depth, hooked them on to the clips and off they went to the planers. Experimented with weights, hooks and rigging. Fish size started off with that big boy, went to the smallest fish of the day at 7 lb. 10 oz. then an 11 lb. 6 oz. then my scale couldn’t take the pressure and quit, I think it might have something to do with not changing the batteries in three years… The fishing ended at 9:30am with a 39 inch blue taken off the channel side planer, the last cloud shading the morning moved out then no more bites. Most were taken from poles out back, they took the large fillets of all the bait but the larger fish were all taken on the larger asian carp fillets. All the fish were released, no pictures - sorry folks… I spent the rest of the day exploring new and old waters with the fish finder. I still have a problem with calling it a day and the 105 degree air temp. did get to me but hey, I found more spots to try. For some reason the only other boats I saw were barges, got back to the ramp and I was the lone ranger. Some notes of the day, the spot I fished was new, it was a large hole next to main channel and just slightly deeper than the channel. Most of the time I fish where I have painted fish, this time was different and fished just based on structure. Even my castnet was new, so folks get out there and have fun but try something new or different in your approach to fishing, such an adventure can only add to this sport we love.
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    congrats on a great fishing trip

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    You guys are gonna have to stop catching these fish, it's driving me crazy not being able to get out.
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    Sounds like a good day, I myself have thought about trying the planner boards. But was a little reluctant on how well they will work. Seems they worked for you that day. I will have to do some more research on these and put them in play. Keep us posted on there productivity.

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    Now that's a trip for sure, man, I can't take the heat like that though...got chase mine at night this time of year! Thanks for the story!
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    I definitely like the night fishing this time of year, but maybe I could stand to fish in the daytime for a day like that.
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    Thanks for the report Mike, thats some good fishing.