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    Just wanted to let everyone know about a place that the PENNSLAMMER turned me on to over Mem Day.I use PENN SLAMMER rods because they are good rods and even better they are or were white.I am always looking for the white ones after they discontinued them and went to black.ANyway he told me about this place A&B Outfitters in Ridgeway SC.They had six like I use so I drove down there and picked them up.WHat a place.Its off the beaten track but Lordy they have everything you could imagine in the fishing world.They buy up stores that go out of business and sell at very good prices.They have the basic store then many semi trailers fullof everything ever manufactured in the fishing world.I even found strike indicator corks for fly rod trout fishing that I had been scouring the US for.Exit 92 off of I-20 then left onto 34 at the Macdonalds in Lugoff.9miles on the left from there.Big BP gas statioon next door.If you are looking for something hard to find check with them they have the good stuff not just junk.I bought a little bait outfit that I paid 21$ for at Walmart for 9$.They had a barrel full out front.The SLammers sold for 50-60$ and I got six for 25$ ea. Phone is 803-438-8802.No I dont get a commission!!!:big_smile::wink::smile2:Thanks to Richie for finding the place.
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    i agree, these guys are gtg. I bought some stuff from them at the sporstman classic and it was dirt cheap prices and great stuff.

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    Thanks for the info Jim That will make up for loosing the shakespeare sales
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    every time I go to my in-laws in lugoff I stop by there for what ever I need. If he dont have what u want he got something very close. just takes time to look it over because it is so packed and easy to overlook something. I bought a abu 7000 rod and reel combo from him and let a 100 lb plus sting ray snap the rod in half at the beach and stopped by there on my way home and was telling the guy about it because he had told me some places to fish and that I had got a 48 inch red fish where he sent me, anyway he replaced the rod and reel for me. without even having to ask him to. had to wait 2 weeks till he got another in but he called and said he had it and all i had to do was come pick it up. I have bought more than a few abu's from there and never had any trouble with any of them.
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    He also sells lead by the pound, which is a help.

    Been shopping there for years. It is a great place.