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    i have a 78 v hull boat 14 ft long with 6 hp motor. will this boat be sufficient at the np if they are discharging as i have only been there 1 time and the plant was down. im more worried about the water being to ruff than anything as i dont have a bilge pump and my motor is kinda weak, reliable but small. any comments will be apreciated as i like aprox 75 miles from SI and i want to take my 8 yr old son up there to catch a good cat, cause where we fish here in ga they only get about 3-6 lbs with a few rare 9-10 lbs and i think he would flip out and be hooked if he caught a big ol cat. thank you to all that post.
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    i'm not sure what the np is or what body of water you are talking about..i wasn't going to reply to this untill i saw where you wanted to take your 8 year old son with you..It's nice to do what you can to get him to hang a big ole cat however; if you question if your 78 v hull 14 foot boat with a 6 hp motor is enough boat ,then you shouldn't do it. You might get away with it...I don't know.If your rig isn't enough and something goes wrong it might be something you would regret..It's not worth the risk..Just my opinion that if you're taking a kid fishing then your boat being big enough shouldn't be a question. Good luck.

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    runabout199 I think you are talking about seqoya (spelling wrong) here on lake Chickamauga. This time of year it is not bad and even when they discharge it is not as bad as a dam discharge. In the warmer monthes the large boat traffic can make it a little rough. If a barge comes the swells can reach a couple of feet easy. I have a 16' center console and it has never been bad enough that we couldn't handle it, but we always wear our PFD's and are prepared to yank anchor and bug out just in case or at least turn the bow into the waves. Right now the water temps being low make the danger even greater.