A 9.9 hp Mercury

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    Fayetteville, North Carol
    Does anybody know if a 9.9 hp Mercury outboard woudl push a 14' Glassmaster? I dont know I had a 45hp Chrystler but it wont run, so im going to scap it or sell it. I have an offer to buy a 9.9 hp should I use that or wait until i can get something bigger?
  2. Mickey

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    Billy a 9.9 motor would push that boat alright. One of my rigs has a 9.9 kitted on a 16' Bass tracker, and it moves it good. I would caution you to try it on area lakes and get use to how it handles you and your gear before takeing it on larger body of water where you might encounter larger waves.Think safety first.:0a26: :0a23:

  3. F150Catfish

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    yes, it will push your 14ft boat. I have 14ft semi V with 9.8 hp mercury outboard.
  4. blackwaterkatz

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    Andrews, SC
    It's not going to push that glassmaster very fast, but it will get you up and down the river. If you can get it for very little money, you'll be ok, until you can get something larger. That glassmaster is too heavy to expect it to plane off or anything. Just so you understand what you're getting into. Is you glassmaster a semi-vee hull, or the old 'tri-hull' design. Just curious. Good luck, whatever you decide. Hope you get back out on the water real soon. :smile2:
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    ky, totz
    i have a 9.9hp evenrude on a 14' wallice craft its a trihull and itll plane off if someone is in the frount seat so i think a 9.9 would do just fine
  6. curveball

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    Saint Clairsville, Ohio
    The 9.9 will get you there but not fast. It may not even plane. Be sure if you get it to set it up correctly as it is not just clamping it on the transom and going. Make sure you have the motor high enough for the prop to work correctly to get you a good bite. You may also need a setback in order to get top effort from motor. You should check with the Gentlemen on "boat repair tips" on this web page as they do know their stuff. You can even build your own setback as I build mine out of oak plywood with 1/2" bolts through the transom. I'll be glad to tell you all about it if you like or you can go to the search part of web site and put in "back plate" and look at a real good one the BobPaul shows and tells about. He built his out of aluminum and plywood which is the best way I would think.
    Again, you will need to watch the weight you put in the boat and where you put it to help with your speed.
    Best to you, yell if I can help.
    I have a Johnson 9.9 on a 16 ft aluminum deep V... all I can afford.
  7. oh no

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    I'm putting a 9.9 Mariner next to my 90HP Merc on a 19 foot RoughNeck to save on fuel and be able to fish lakes with that 10 hp limit. It should work fine.
  8. bluejay

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    Napoleon, Mo.
    I have a 9.9 Merc on my 16' Lund for a kicker. It'll get you there if your not in a big hurry.
  9. catsmith1

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    Haughton, Louisiana
    I used a 6hp on a Terry 14' for a while. It got me there but I had time to eat a sammich on the way.