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    A 10 is the second backwater about 10 mile south of I 10 interstate hyw Arizona side.
    Now ole frog always likes to fish this water after a man of the cloth told me a 14 pound bass was caught here.
    Now one sure don't tell a man of the cloth he ia a fibber.

    (but frog you thought it.)

    I sure aint going to tell anyone what ole frog thinks ether.

    ( frog I would not tell ether with the lust you have hidden in there)

    Lust are you kidding at 78 years ole frog has outlived the lust part of ther body.

    Ole frog has fished this water often, I'll tell ya this I seen a school of four bass this spring in there that would win the bassmasters.

    ( frog thats enough of this bass talk I want to hear about catfish)

    Neighbor and ole frog decided to go fishing last evening .
    We went to Blythe first after he got all his things done it was late we went to A10 to catch bait.
    One heck of a lot of the locals catch bait in these waters .
    Took about half hour we had a eight or nine bait .
    First I thought we have the river to ourselfs,with the gas price . heat ect,
    ole frog was sure wrong on that one 15 or 20 people camped at the ramp area of A10.
    The first fishing spot on the river about mile or so south of this ,people in there fishing.
    Went to the next spot at a mile and a half it also has people fishing.
    It hit ole frog this was friday evening ,it was now dark dark ,we stopped at on a dead end road spot .
    Fished till midnight and headed home,we both had one run ,
    The catfish sure won this one the only winner was the bugs they were thick thick and the gas light is sure not a plus for bugs.

    Seen one baby skunk and a small doe deer.
    They have a small heard of wild horses in this area ole frog sees them from time to time.
    Going out meet five cars comming in most people I have seen in this area for years.
    Thats how the old mop flops , win some loose some .no pictures this time.
    ta ta ole frog
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    Gilbert, Arizon
    That's quite the post

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    Eugene, Or.
    And here I was, expecting a story about Warthogs.
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    Yuma Az
    Stay after em ole frog. Mr whiskers fish doesn't win all the time. Tight lines.

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    Put the Old Crow down and back away slowlllllyyyy.........My head almost hurts after reading that,I am sorry. I do not know if it was the talking in third person,or the rambling........
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    Hehe. I agree lotsa people down on the river lately. Their probably trying to get in some fun before gas prices go higher.