9mm or .38 for the wife

Discussion in 'Handgun Talk' started by scooter079, Jul 27, 2009.

  1. scooter079

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    Ok guys i was planning on buying my wife a .38 snubby for protection untill i took her to the range and was letting her shoot my 9mm and 40sw she really liked the 9mm...the problem is i dont know whether to get her a 9mm small semi auto or a .38 snubby the .38 is idiot proof if it dont fire just pull the trigger again but the 9mm holds more and when she was shooting the 9mm it stovepiped and she actually knew the hit the slide right away without me ever going over that with her so which should i get the more reliable or the higher capacity
  2. Mark J

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    For personal protection I don't think the difference in capacity is an issue.
    Not many of these circumstances wind up in a big screen "shoot out".
    I would be more concerned with her being able to say, "damn, I missed, I blew his arm off.

    Aint many people going to stick around to see how many times you can miss with a hand cannon.

  3. smokey

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    "Nothing says love like a Glock"
  4. Katatonik

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    You should get her a pistol that she likes and is comfortable with. Then
    once a week for a year, take her out to shoot twenty rounds. After that,
    she can pretty well handle that pistol whenever the need arises. Just
    don't get her riled up from then on. She's packin'.
  5. greg

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    Take her the gun store and let her pick out what she wants
  6. jim

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    Never buy a woman more gun than you wish to be shot with!!!!! :smile2::big_smile:
  7. backwoodsman68geric

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    For dependability its hard to beat a wheelgun. Semi-auto's are good guns if the person using one has alot of experience and the pistol is well taken are of. I know a peace officer who carries one of the mini revolvers in .22 as his off duty gun. One of my personal favorites is the old H & R .32 magnums. .38 is a good cartridge and there is alot of ammo available in all kinds of varieties. My wife's favorite is a wheelgun too. Odds are in a self defense situation 1 or 2 shots will settle things down.

    DANZIG New Member

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    I reckon it depends on her.

    The majority of women I know fall into the "would be scared shiteless if they had to use it" category. IMO, wheelgun would be best for them. Simple, reliable, and dangerous enough.

    Many a moon ago I worked the night shift and a co-worker got a call from his wife saying she thought someone was trying to get into the house (way back in the woods). He told her to get the revolver, she did and said she was going to look out the window,,, silence and then a gunshot,,, more silence..........

    At this point the whole batch of us are freaking. She (finally) comes back on the phone and allows that she had just shot the house.(oops!) At this point she had dissolved into tears and I had to talk to her for an hour until he could make it home.
    A couple years later we found the bullet in the pocket of a jacket hanging in a bedroom closet.

    On the bright side,, IF there was someone outside,, they must have decided, after the gun went off, that it was time to leave! :smile2:
  9. Mark J

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    That's what they taught in the highway patrol academy too but we all know what really works. PEACE THROUGH SUPERIOR FIREPOWER.
    The truth is if a perp took your gun whether it be a .22,
    9mm, or .44 he is at point blank range to do it. He shoots point blank it really becomes a moot point as to what caliber just entered your chest cavity or cranium.. That close and he or she wants to kill I'd say the chances of receiving a head shot or heart shot are high.

    I would rather any wife of mine carry a large bore like a .45.
    If FWMUD'S wife can handle a .45 any woman can. I don't call her lil bit for nothing. That little woman conceal carries a .45. She don't just carry it, she can shoot it.

    I used to be on call 24/7/365. I refused most calls into Durham at night especially on weekends.
    One Saturday an old lady had no heat in one of the worst parts of Durham.
    It was 11PM before I could get there. Once I did I pulled up into her drive which was flanked by low block walls. Tight for a van. In other words there was no quick way out. I had to part the seas (hoodlums) to get in her driveway to beign with.
    Let's get the picture right.
    Bad part of durham at night.
    Hoodlums congregated
    50,000 dollar shiny van with advertisements of service work.
    Cash or credit cards accepted.

    I went in her house and pretty quickly determined she had lost a fuse inside the unit. Went back out to the van to get a fuse. On the way out of the van I hear them talking about there was just one of me and they had 2 guns. I bet he has some cash on him.

    All I did was reach to the console and come out of the door with a Desert Eagle and told them if they wanted some of me to come get it.

    They changed their mind. They had 2 guns. Undoubtedly 9MM.
    I pull a hand cannon in .44. Unmistable. Even the real dumb have a few brain cells.
    Peace through superior firepower.

    They dispersed to more easy pickings. I wont it.
  10. catman-j

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    a rolling pin and a large iron skillet should be enough.:smile2:
  11. derbycitycatman

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    your first name
    Id say let her pick after shooting a few more or heck just get them both. Nothing wrong with having a few guns.
  12. snakeman76

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    Whatever she feels comfortable is the gun for her. I would rather take my single 6 .357 to a gun fight than something that I am not familar or comfortable with because I know for a fact that whatever I shoot at I will hit.:wink:
  13. brinley45cal

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    High capacity pistols dosent matter if you cant hit what your shooting at know what i mean?Id get her a small 357 and let her shoot 38s in it,or 38+p ammo. Then if she wanted to she could always upgrade to the 357 ammo later on. JMO
  14. Catmanblues

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    A 9mm is pretty sweet. My wife has a 380 which is small an carries a good pay load.
  15. NJ CLAD

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    I commonly take new lady shooters out and give them their first lesson in defensive firearms training. I used to think a double action wheel gun was the only way to go. But after seeing many women shoot, I've changed my mind on that, sort of. A quality made semi auto with good ammunition is as reliable as a revolver. The problem many ladies have with the revolver is; they are not strong enough for the double action trigger pull (this would also include the DAO autos like the Kel Tec and Sig). Also many inexperienced and some experienced shooters have difficulty with a trigger pull that changes, when fired single action or double action. For a defesive gun, I would never give any one a firearm that has two different trigger pulls. An example of this would be a Beretta, or any auto with a decocker. You don't want to confuse them with a light pull one time and a heavy the next, or a heavy then light. With heavy then light you can count on them breaking the 2nd shot off before they are ready. So my advice would be; a revolver if they are comfortable with the double action trigger. If not I would purchase an auto, but only an auto that has NO safety to take off. These would include the Glock, Smith and Wesson M&P, and my favorite the Springfield XD. If you want your wife to suceed in a gun fight don't make her have to remember anything, except keep pulling the trigger until everything stops moving.
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  16. D_Weezy

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    Is this for concealed carry or home security? If it is for home security, you might want to consider one of these.


    They are 20 gauge. They would be good for home defense and easy for a women to handle. A load of 4Buck or 00Buck would work great for this purpose. You also get the added benefit of additional wound channels with a shotgun. It is way easier to hit a target with a shotgun, than with a pistol. If your wife does not shoot a handgun often and it is for concealed carry, I would suggest the use of a revolver. It is a lost easier to handle in a high stress situation. You might also want to give the Charter Arms rimless revolver a look.
  17. Az Birddog

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    I would just take her to a range and let her shoot a few different guns to she what she likes and go from there. semi-auto would be my preference but she's the one that's got to shoot it. So ultimately it's up to her. You can also get some pink Duracoat and pretty it up for her.
  18. scooter079

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    I actually keep a 870 stuffed with 00buck for home protection that she loves to shoot this gun will be mainley for personal prostection ccw uses
  19. olefin

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    My wife carries this Lady S&W 38 SPL. It will shoot +P+ ammo.

    I have this 9 MM Glock 26 for carry. She doesn't have enough hand strength to work the action on the Glock.

    I had much rather carry her S&W than my baby Glock! So I doubt many women would want to tote anything heavier than the Lady Smith or one that size and weight.
  20. JUG_LINE

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    Glock 19c I would recommend this for someone with smallish hands they are as simple as they get. Makes a good reliable weapon in a hurry not much to go wrong.