997c-Si+downriggers+ 2 lb skipjack.

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  1. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Been thinking on this for years. But its getting closer to being something that I will do in the next year or so.
    With the Humminbird 997c-Si, And the CannonLink System Module. Then hook up the Cannon down riggers to the unit. Using the Cannon Mag 20 DT/HS Electric Down rigger The Humminbird 997c-Si will allow the down riggers to be held at the depth you set them at from the bottom.
    If you come up on a hump or dropoff. It will move them up or down to keep them say 4ft off the bottom.
    I know it will cost a lot of $$. And I may never get to come up with the $$ for a pair of the high dollar Down Riggers. But just think, A 1 or 2 lb skipjack rigged on a double hook rig. Drag that thought some of our holes and see what happens.

    Or say your running the river channels. And the Big blues are suspended along the drop in 40ft of water on the shelfs. And your trying to drift. Just set the down riggers up and let them do the work.AS you watch them on the side scan.
    I think this type of fishing will be a Tournament winning way to fish in a year or so. As on the big lake;s it will allow you to cover so many miles of structure and catch the active fish.
    Now to only get Humminbird and Cannon to loan me all the stuff and then try it out for a year or so.
    Johnson outdoors has most of my Cash anyways..
    So that is 2 new motors just for the new boat.
    Then the Humminbird 987c-Si and three Humminbird 400TX Units.Plus a dozen other humminbird units. Never owned anything but theres..
    Minn-kota Trolling motors. Three from the 52 lb transom mount. then the 65 lb power drive with auto pilot .
    And looking at a new Terova 80 lb auto pilot us/2 transducer and copilot. And the Vector™ – 3X™ Steering 24 volt 80 lb for the transom . And a New Humminbird 967c 3D Combo or the The 917c Combo NVB CHO. Linked to the 987c-SI on the back. Need to find out more info on the 3D unit. Lot of great toys for the new boat. I hope.
    It may take a while to get it all rigged out. And may only be a dream. But I think it will work well enough to see it in Tournaments in a few years.
  2. metalman

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    Go for it Pete...W

  3. wylie catter

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    South Carolina
    I think it would work good. I like Humminbird stuff myself. The new side imaging stuff is very cool.
  4. jtrew

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    Wow! With all that equipment, you're gonna need a new and bigger boat, Pete. Here's a picture of what I think would be ideal to carry all that stuff:

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  5. BAM

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    i thought I seen a lot of smoke down that way when I went through Wed. Get it rigged up and I will stop on the way back and help test it out.
  6. loanwizard

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    Man Jerry, I'd LOVE to have that 52 w/ a jet in it! :smile2:
  7. Mickey

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    Pete I like the way you dream.I areee with you . Many possibilities.
  8. BKS72

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    Pete, I think you're dead-on. Even my little 797SI will take the Cannon downrigger link module. If I remember right, though, the power riggers were about 500 bones at Cabela's. My only question would be how fast they react. The MO is running around 3.5 - 4 MPH and I don't know if the riggers would get the bait up quick enough without a big enough trolling motor to get you down below current speed. Even if you did have to get the trolling motor, it would be sweet just to be running the troller waiting for one of the rods to go over. Out of curiosity, anybody know if any of the tournament series' rules deal with downrigger use? I'm assuming not since the tourneys are a big advertising venue for the manufacturers and this set up sounds like one of the few opportunities other than boats and sonars to get cat guys to make big-dollar purchases.

    Pete, if you get that setup post us some pics of the leviathans you drag up with it:wink:
  9. ShilohRed

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    West Tn
    Jerry that boat is about right. LOL

    Buck Buddy loan me some $$ the Cannon Down Riggers are $800 each. LOL And buy the war-eagle and we may be doing that.

    Guy's from what I have read. I think the down riggers would act fast enough to work.
    Also I was thinking just slow the boat down like I drift fish now.
    Or in lakes it would be killer. If and when I get it all worked out you can bet there will be writeup on here and may even a video. Now the $$ is the hard part.
    I may have to talk to a guy that knows a guy that knows the man that needs to put me on the Sponsor board for Johnson outdoors. LOL
    Also Tite-lok for the rod holders.