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    I have recently bought an installed the 997 si unit an I love it, but I do have a question. on my screen when running the si, the left side looks fantastic but the right side does not look as good, detail is ok but it looks like the good side is set for 60 feet an the right side is set at 30, I dont know if I am making this clear or not but, the color an detail are good on left side but everything seems to fade out on right side after half way out.
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    Do a screen shot and post it. A picture is worth a thousand words...W

  3. The left side is better ....

    Where is the transducer mounted?
    Is it on the left side of the boat? The hull could be doing partial masking of the pings going towards the right side. If that is the case ... lowering the transducer sightly should help.
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    I've got one also. Your problem can be solved in one of three ways.

    #1. Do you have the latest update installed? If not-get it.

    #2. There is turbulence from the motor - transom - hull design. This transducer only works PEFECTLY when totally submerged and perfectly level in both directions. What is level on the trailer is not necessarily level when you are in the water. The transducer must have a clear view both port and starboard.

    If you have a flat bottom boat, the transducer should be mounted with the adjustment bolts about 1" to 1 1/2" below the bottom of the boat. If you have a V shaped hull at the transom, the transducer must be mounted so it is (adjustment bolts) at least 1" further in the water than the lowest point on the hull.

    #3. You are running to fast. The side-scan works best below 5 mph.

    I know that the mounting I described is not exactly like in the book, but this is what it took to get my 997 to work correctly. The lower into the water the better. Also, Humminbird will never admit it, but this thing wasn't made for running fast. Thier solution is to have a "thru hull" transducer for running fast and the big one for running slow with the side-scan.

    Once I figured this out, I'm happy with it. (thrilled $#!&less) This thing is really great.
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    will the thru hull transducer shoot through .125 aluminum?
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    The transducer is not level on the boat as the boat sits in the water. That or tilt the motor up just a bit and make sure the motor is not blocking the signal.
    Best to take a level with you on the water. And note where the level is with the boat in the water. Then level the boat like that while at home on the trailer. Then set the transducer.