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  1. South Grand Laker

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    hey i have a 99 dodge ram pickup truck, with the 318 v8 motor, ive put in a new transmition probbaly 5 years ago, anyways now, when im in drive coming from a stop i accelerated slowly and it hits in gear after a delay, i'm not sure what's the deal, is it slipping or fixing to go out, could i be leaking tranny fluid, i need help cause here in a few weeks i'm fixing to have to try and drive this peice from tennesse back home to oklahoma, any suggestions would help thanks alot
  2. Wabash River Bear

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    Truthfully, it sounds like its about to go out. I had a real similar prob on my 98 about 3 years ago. It was 1st (low) and reverse that was doing the same as yours. It finally grenaded. The problem is that Dodge didnt allow for enough fluid flow to the rear section of the trans where the low and reverse clutch baskets are and the tail shaft bearings. When it went it took out the baskets and the tail housing along with all the other that goes along with a trashed trans.
    I didnt go the crate trans route, or with a run of the mill rebuilder. I tracked down a shop that actually remedies the factory problems by doing some remachining and then had it rebuilt as a heavy duty. It has been a strong trans with no issues.
    Just beware of what you are getting in a rebuild or a new trans, chances are you will be getting a trans with the same factory problems that were already there, and will be replacing it again in about another 75 to 1000 K.

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    I agree with Bear. If a transmission fails, find somebody that can fix what is inherently wrong with it (not just rebuild it). Not super familiar with Dodges, but i know they had some problems with transmissions a few years.