96 Z71 - bad trans

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    Can anyone give me an idea about what to expect on rebuilding my trans. in my 96 Z71. It went from driving perfect to completely slipping. When I shut the engine off for @ two minutes it would take off again and shift fine for a couple of miles. Then slip and not catch at all in any gear, including reverse. Shut off engine, and get the exact same sequence of events. After letting the truck set for a couple of days, I went to the driveway to move the truck over to the side. Now I get a "God awful" moaning type of noise out of the tranny as the engine is takin off. Bearing or shaft? I'm plenty mechanically knowledgeable and inclined, just know nothing about auto trannys. So I will probably look for help in the Topeka area. Any advice or cautions would be appreciated.:0a32:
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    Four Oaks, NC
    Depends where you live.
    I just had one rebuilt in the S-10 blazer. Same transmission. 4L60E.
    Locally I got the works done for 1400.
    50 miles away you'll think you got a deal at 2600 if thats where you normally do business.

    The rebuild kit I think is around 200 bucks.
    Torque converter 150.

    Mine did the same as yours. There is some sort of cup in the tranny that broke.
    When it goes, it knocks out second gear, overdrive, and reverse.
    Only way I was able to drive mine was in 4 wheel drive.
    Drove it nice and easy in 4x4 to the shop 12 miles away. It wouldnt do the moaning screeching thing in 4x4.