96-98 Chevy Z71 4X4

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    what is the price range for a 96-98 Z71 4X4 in good shape? Im looking for one that is in decent condition. preferably ext. cab but that is just something i want and not need. but i need a price range to go by and if anyone around my area has any info on one let me kno. thanks.
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    I would think $4500-5500 would be the average price. If a dealer has it maybe up to @ $6500.

    I have a 96 that was loaded with 3rd door and leather. It now has 130,000 miles and I still love it. They are a great truck to have.

    Kelley Blue Book might be a good place to check prices also.

    Good luck!

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    If its a 1996 look out for the motor. the 96 models has what Chevy liked to call a better fuel millage motor. It came from the factor with 10 thousands clearance on the motor. That was to allow the motor to get better millage.
    Mine and most of the others will and do rattle at start up.
    Mine was still running great at 135000 but the rattle was getting louder each day.
    I got $8750 for mine 3 years ago. It was the extended cab loaded Z-71 I also loved that truck. I enjoyed it more then than the 2004 crew cab 4x4 I have now.
    good luck and enjoy.
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    Check Ebay. My last 3 trucks have came from there. 1995 Dodge-Plymouth, MA: 1995 Ford- Philedelpha,PA; 2000 Ford 250 - Trenton, NJ. My wifes 99 Cad/ Dearfield Beach, FL.

    Something I found out by accident is trucks off of the east coast are not beat. Those folks don't use them like I do. lol Hey I work a truck. It's just a tool.

    I always only bid based on private party value on KKB.Com Kelly Blue Book. I will not give close to private party value. My last one F250 4x4, I gave 8400, Private party value was 10,900 when I bought it.

    On Ebay you can bid just what you think it's worth. No stupid high pressure salesmen to deal with. If you get it, you get it,, if you don't, you don't.

    I do not fall in love with any paticular truck. It usually takes me a couple weeks to a month to find the vechile I want at my price.

    I flew out and drove back the 2 - 1/2 tons. Wife Cad and my 250 I had shipped. About 750 to ship one right to my driveway in Indiana.

    You can look at fiananceing at Capital One online. They asked me two questions, my ss number and how long I lived where I'm at.

    Honest to God, In 15 seconds I was approved and in 2 minutes someone called me from San Diago, CA and asked where I wanted the check sent. It was the easiest deal I ever did.

    My 250 I just paid cash for.

    A side note, that 95 Ford had 70,000 on it when i bought it 6 years ago for 3025 dollars. I sold it to my boy for 1 dollar last fall with 147,000 miles on it. It was the cheapest truck I have ever owened. That truck did not owe me a dime. It's airconditioner will still freeze you out, and it runs like a top. I put new All Terrains on the back and put a new battery in it while I owned it. Thats it. lol lol

    I sold the Dodge on Ebay because it did not have airconditioning after I only put about 20,000 miles on it. It was a great little 1/2 ton, just no air.

    My wifes Cad I gave 7777 for it when the Kelly Private party value was about 12,000. She drives it back ond forth to work every day. 26 miles to the gallon on the highway, great for a V8.

    Hey I'm cheap/frugil.

    Check out Ebay, You will be surprised. Just my 2 cents.

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    Blue book value Private (party value)

    Excellent cond $7205

    Good $6645

    Fair $5850

    MIne had 130,000 mi Traded in to dealership for $6000

    Hope this helps. You can go to www.edmunds.com and get all kinds of info