950.00 hoyt.

Discussion in 'Bowhunting' started by catmanofohio, Sep 22, 2006.

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    Over the summer me and my cousin worked around my grandpas scrapping aluminum, copper and stuff. Well he was gonna save up his money for a nice little truck. he had around 1000.00 after the 2 or 3 days of working. Well i bought his dads truck, and guess what he went out and bought.... A NEW hoyt bow, it totaled up to be 950.00 then he traded his browing in on it and got 100.00 knocked off. Hoyt isnt even classified as "The best bows" Mathews is, right? Im not putting him down or saying im good or anything. but when i was shooting bow with him, i could out shoot him easy, and he jumped up to a 1K bow already? i guess its really his choice, i mean one day he could have his own hunting show or something sponsored my mathews or hoyt. He is pretty good at hunting though. he has killed about 5 turkeys, 15-20 deer, 1000+ squirrles,rabbits, grouse... totaled. i have killed.. 1 turkey, 3 deer, and about 200 squirrle, rabbits, and grouse... he is going to be turning....17 this year and ill be turning 20 next year in aug. his is in jan. so, i guess he is the better hunter out of us. (but he does hunt almost every day of season, he lives on 40 acres.) and i live in town... that does make a diff there. would u guys spend 950.00 on a hoyt?
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    If I had the $$$ I would spend it on a bow. It would be between a Mathews and a Hoyt. I have shot the new Hoyt Trykon and it is smooth and sweet! I assume that the total price included alot of extras! Bare bow should be around $750 for a Trykon. I thought that the Trykon was Hoyt's flagship bow.



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    anytime you spend that kind of money on a bow it all comes down to personal preferance . there all great bows at that price. i shoot a browning illusion that i bought new this year for 900.00 w/ all the parts...sight rest peep etc... it was a little costly but guess what it's my money . i could understand you being a little mad if it was your money but it didn't cost you anything . sounds like your a little jealous maybe which is understandable also . if he spends that much time in the woods then he is going to kill more game than you , period. i think you need to quit counting and worrieing about how many animals you kill and maybe take a few lessons from your buddy since he has so much time invested in hunting your bound to learn something if you open your mind to learning instead of compeating with your partner. if you both work together imagine the possibilty. some people spend $1000.00 on a truck and some people spend $40000.00 on a truck . if that is the bow he wanted and he worked for the money, didn't steal it or sell drugs for it , than he deserves it. you should be happy for the guy . it is exciting to buy a new bow . don't ruin it for your buddy by bringing him down
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    Very well said Mike
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    Yeah, it's a lot of money and there's better things to spend it on, but as it has already been pointed out, it's his money.
    Personally if I were going to spend the money for a new bow I would buy one of the new Ross bows! :big_smile:
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    YES!! I have a nice Hoyt bow and a 5000.00 Trap gun and haven't shot in a year or so but you know they are mine and I paid for em and it's all good!!
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    Nice bow congrats on ya buddy saving his money and getting what he wanted. Me I would have gone with the Mathews
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    Personally, I'd be scared to climb a tree with a $900 bow. Mike is right! Try to learn from him instead of demeaning him for getting what he wanted. Getting more deer then him is easy. Spend more time in the woods then he does....and stay down wind!
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    Whatever makes you happy, then go with it. My Parker bow flat out KILLS the game and ego's of my hunting friends. Its almost sickening, they brag about their Matthews, Hoyts, Pse or whatever all summer. Then it gets a little cool outside and they all fold like an accordian!!!:big_smile: