95 evinrude power trim

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by koondawg, Oct 13, 2006.

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    took my motor to NW Florida Outboard, Gulf Breeze,fl, got it back and the power trim does not work, can use a jumper wire on switch located on motor and get it to go up and down. need to know where the siwtches, get the voltage to activate the pump for the trim.
    by the way when I initially had a problem with the motor, I thought that I had gotten either a main bearing or rod bearing, had a helluva knock going then the motor quit, turned out I had gotten the lower unit, must of hit something hard with the prop, although I hadn't heard it, when we looked at the lower unit, finally, the prop would wobble when we turned it.
    The boat manic had already torn the motor completly down however,
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    Welcome aboard koondawg :0a25: I'm not sure if your asking for help with something or sharing a story with us. :lol: But it's always good to have new members here. Get your 10 posts in so you can take advantage of all this place has to offer.

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    It could be comming off the fuse panel or wired straight to the battery with an inline fuse.
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    It comes from a 3 wire harness to the control box switch, which activates the relays for up and down. These are powered through the engine fuse.

    From what you're saying, I'd look into this harness and switches at the control lever.

    If a mechanic tore down an engine for a lower unit problem, he needs to go back to school, and learn how to spell diagnosis.