93 Yamaha 150 oil question

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by tbull, Mar 16, 2009.

  1. tbull

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    I just puchased this motor, it's oil injected. My question is do you guys trust the oil injection? I asked the mechanic there, and he said alot of guys still mix there fuel about 100.1, just incase it fails you still have some lubrication. What is the best way to test these units to make sure they are functioning properly? This is my first motor with oil injection. Or do you recommend just doing away with it all together? Model number on the title says 150pro, I don't think that is right so i will double check that. Its a 1993 Yamaha Pro V 150.
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    i,ve got a 93 115 v pro that i bought new when warrinty was running out i ask shop i bought it from if i should premix buzz told me no this motor mixes oil behind carb ,if u mix it would screw up carbs , i always let it mix it,s self ,never premixed any

  3. Bubbakat

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    If its doing its job then leave it. Test the system and check the horn to see if it still working. I'll find the picture that I have to show you how to rig a gage on it to tell oil flow.