90 hp mercury die after starting

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    I have a 2005 90 hp merc that runs and idles great, but sometime when i open it up it 's as if it runs out of fuel, If I can squeeze bulb quick enough it will take off and run for awhile. I have replaced bulb, checked hoses and no improvement. Some days it runs rgeat but more and more its giving me fits wiuth the dying condition. I was thinking it may need a rebuild kit for fuel pump , but not sure. Bulb feels soft when I have this condition. any help would be great.

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    I have the 2005 75hp which is exactly the same except different carb settings. sometimes once in a great while if I have the engine tilted up for a long time, like if I'm using the trolling motor fishing for bream. It will chug like its flooded for a few seconds and then take off fine. I hit a big stump with mine a couple weeks ago and I am taking it to the dealer to get repaired. Since yours is still under warranty I would just bring it in while its free. Those mechanics are pretty weird about people doing their own work.

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    i have a 2001 90hp merc also and it does the same thing. a friend of mines dad works on outboards and he asked me if i idle around alot and i said yeah and he told me to take out the foulless spark plugs and put in the j style that has a gap on them, he said they are better for idling around. earlier in the spring before i started catfishing for the year i never had the problem but since i started fishin more at night it started doing it all the time. so try that and see if that helps