90 hp Evinrude trim and tilt

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by haliburton joe, Jul 31, 2006.

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    I'm hoping someone has run into this problem before. I recently tilted my 1985 90 hp Evinrude all the way up. When I tried to put it down again, it wouldn't move. There's no pump noises when I'm trying to lower it, although I can hear the pump when I touch the up control. Any ideas? Is there a way I can get the motor down, so I can at least use it until it gets repaired?

    Thanks - Haliburton Joe
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    Joe had abought the same problum on a 95 mariner it was a relay on the the motor. take of the cover standing behind the engian look for 2 relays bolted to the lower left side of block. the relays on mine are 1 1/2'' square black boxes. mine a re inter changeable switch then to see if the proulbm reverces. chris

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    Joe, working on an engine that's tilted all the way up is difficult. That's why there's a manual release on them.

    Down on the right side of the motor mount you'll see a hole. In that hole you'll see something with a screw slot in it. With a big screw driver, turn it counter clockwise to release the engine and it'll come down. It might also be on the left side

    Now you can do the relay switch mentioned in the post above. If you can now trim the engine down after you switch relays, replace the bad relay.

    If it will still not trim down, the problem is in the switch or wiring.