9-28-08 caught 2 sows

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    My buddy Challacombe and I hit it Sunday morning nice and early. We tried a couple of peanut fields, and even though Corry's dogs got really piggy & left out for about 20 minutes, we decided the hogs had already vacated the premises. We drove about 15 miles to another spot. We were sneaking up to one of his honey holes, and we both spotted a group of hogs about 150 yards off the road, slipping through a cotton field. Now, don't ya just love a nice "gimme" of a hunt?!?! Talk about warmin' the old heart! Sweet!!!! Corry slams on the brakes, we dump the box, and run the catchdog in. Wham! The first hog bayed up is a big ol' bruiser of a girl. She's about a 200 lb spotted sow. Corry's JJ plot hound and my Max dog both hit her like trucks, and everyone was caught when i got there. Stuck her, and my Ann & Dan dogs rolled out on another. I grabbed my catchdog and tried to lead him there to help out, but he wasn't needed. Dan decided to take care of it himself. Dan caught the little sow about the time I released Petey. About the time Petey hit the hog, whamo! JJ the flying plott hound came roaring in and nailed that one too. As soon as I got there and stuck that little one, Dan and Ann rolled out once more. They were gone on a track for about 45 minutes, but we never heard a bay. I called them back and we went looking around for some more of those nice cooperative "gimme" groups of hogs, but none were to be found. We decided to call it good and both of us headed home for some much needed rest. It was a great hunt. Quick, painless, and successful..... what else could ya ask for? Here's a picture of the bigger sow.

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    Gotta love those "gimme hunts" every now and again. Thanks for sharing.

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    Hey...didn't you just have a new baby boy? Your not suppose to be out hunting with the new kiddo!!:smile2::smile2: Congrats on the hunt!!
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    Hey thats great, thanks for sharing. :)