85 Mariner 40 horse starter problems

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    I have an 85 Mariner 40 horse outboard on my 16' Fisher Marine aluminum bass boat. all last year after purchasing the boat it would never start with the key. Previous owner said they screwed something up trying to troubleshoot. Well, this year I spent a day getting the boat ready for the next day's fishing. It fired up with the turn of the key. It fired up with the key probably a dozen times at the house. I put it in the water, fired right up. pulled it up on the bank, parked the truck and trailer. When I got back to the boat it wouldn't start with the key. It pulled start right off the bat. I'm thinking that this might be a 'neutral' safety switch issue. Can anyone tell me where this is located. Would it be located in the accellerator control, possibly in the button?

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks alot and keep on fishing.
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    The throttle handle is what trips/releases the nuetral safety switch. Wiggle it in the neutral position when you turn the key and see if that helps. Sometimes it's just a little out and needs some help.