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    i have a 80 hp mariner motor. it starts great when i put muffs on it . but when in water its harder to start .. not a lot but still harde. .. isthis normal? also ive been seeing on here where u use a pump to change the oil in the lower case. hwre can i purchace the pump..thanks shane
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    Do a few basic trouble shooting things. Do a compression check and spark test. Check the fuel system from the pick up tube inside the tank all the way to the carbs.

    As for the pump you can buy one at wal-mart it fits in the quart of oil for the lower unit. Drain the oil and screw the fitting into the fill screw ( lower one) and pump it until it comes out the top. Then install the top screw and tighten and unscrew the fitting and install the lower screw. You will loose a little oil but Not enough to hurt. If they haven't been changed in awhile go ahead and change the gaskets the fit behind each screw.