8/11 on the salt

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    Eugene, Or.
    Monday dawned through overcast skies to find me down south aways on board the Aggressor out of Newport Landing with 18 other hopefuls.
    We trolled along looking for kelp paddies that were holding fish, with a stop here and there to knock but finding no one home we moved on.
    Eventually we did find a few that were willing to answer our call and I managed to boat one small dodo.
    Later in the day I hooked up with a fair sized fish and brought it to the boat amongst a tangle of lines. Although my hook was plainly in the fishes gut the fish was claimed by another person who had done nothing all day but tangle other peoples lines by not keeping contact with his bait.
    I don't doubt that that fish ate his bait but he had no clue that it had happened until I stuck the fish and it took off.
    Rather than argue the matter I let him have the fish, it wasn't worth a fight.
    But for the rest of the day I couldn't get bit. I had only brought 30lb as my lightest rig because my lighter combo needs repair and the after the sun came out the fish weren't interested in any thing heavier than 20.
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    Glad you could get on the boat Tom.... I guess that I missed the chance to argue with that non-fisherman.....

    Got out today....... myself... my first time to Dana Point.. so it was an experience by my self. Left the house at 3:30 am for the 60 mile drive to the launch ramp... about 8 boats in line to get out, which was the same amount of boats by the bait reciever getting deens for bait.... as I headed out into the early morning twilight.... I noticed that the Freeking GPS was not up to working right... (got to check the charging system). No problem, I had my compass and headed out on 240 degrees and proceded to travel out looking for kelp paddies....very slim pickings.... did see some birds working under some porpose for a minute or so, and then it was done.... continued out some 20 miles (I think) and decided that now that I had the "Dana point" thing under my belt, that I head back in......

    Very spookie out there by yourself.... flat light, good fishing water but no kelps to work with.... all the other boats were looking also.... they even ran over to a "party boat" and tried their luck next to them, but I guess the bite had moved away from the great action on the weekend...

    When I got home, I got a call from a "Bass Pro" employee buddy, and he mentioned that it was really crowded there for him on Saturday...

    I quess that it is "never on the weekend" for Dana Point... Great place to launch from, but plan on a crowd even mid week.... Looked as though every contractor in Orange County was there and not working....

    Bayrunner Ray

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    Shelbyville, TN
    This is very unfortunate, I hope you have better luck on future trips