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    hey yall i need some advice. i want to start my oldest daughter deer hunting next year. she will be 9. she has been shooting air rifles since she was 3, and a .22 rifle since she was six. i am going to start her out on a .410 shotgun this summer for rabbits. i was thinking about a 7mm-08 for deer. the ballistics look good on paper, for what she might encounter out there- hogs, deer and coyotes. i just don't know about recoil, as i have never shot one. i got started on a .30-06 when i was 6 years old, and it was damn near child abuse. i still shoot one today, and i have absolutely no flinch from recoil from any caliber or gauge i shoot. BUT i don't want to put my kid through that. i used to see stars every time i pulled the trigger. i never shot a .22 till i was 12 years old, in the boy scouts. she is pretty stout and i think she can handle moderate recoil. she listens and learns well too, or i wouldn't have bought her the .22. recoil is the biggest issue in consideration of ths caliber. i want to stay away from the .223, .243, 6 mm rem, and .22-250. thanks for any help.
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    It would be a good choice Jordan. I started my kids out on a 243 Remington 600 because it was short barrel and I cut the stock down. We have since picked up through the years quite a few 7-08 and have good luck with hunting with them. They seem to kick a little more than the 243 but small kids can still shoot them with no problem. I did convert one 243 to a 7-08 by having the barrel punched out to 7mm as the old 6mm barrel was shot out. Quite a few of my 243 and 7-08 are made from 308 mil brass with no problems. The only problem with a 7-08 is not as many bullets to reload with but have been able to work up good loads with what I have. My grandkids still use the old Remington 600 in 243 as we have it and it has worked for us.

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    I think the 7mm-08 will be a great choice for your daughter. I have seen a
    couple of cases when after shooting it and seeing how compact some of
    them are Daddy had to have one to.
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    Jordan,Thats what I'm getting my daughter,She's going to use mt 243 this year ,and I'll get her gun for a christmas pers. My son has one in a Savage,Its a great rifle,But I am not keen at all with the scope mounts that came with it,Way too high in my opinion. If they were lower he could drive nails with it and my handloads. But he does pretty well with it ,he can hit J rabbits head shots at 200 yds offhand ,soo I guess he's grown accustomed to the high rings.
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    hi, i have a 7-08 in a rem 700. i shoot 140 gr. bullets and in my opinion it has way too much recoil for a young shooter. a 243 with a 85gr. barns Xbullet will smash a whitetail deer. that is my favorite at this time. this xbullet or tripple shock will do a great job on hogs as well.

    I hope this helps you, good luck and best wishes to you and your little hunting buddy.

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    I bought my son a Marlin lever action in 357 magnum a couple years ago, with a leupold 2 x 7. He can target shoot with 38 specials in it, with no recoil....and build confidence in his shooting. I made sure it was sighted in with 357, and slipped that in when it was time to shoot a deer......works like a champ.
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    I've got a daughter that will be that age in a couple years and I've been kicking around the same caliber dilema for her first one. I've got enough for her to choose from when she gets older and more capable to use the bigger calibers, but a 9 year old is very impressionable and can be turned off easily to recoil.

    I've really been kicking around the idea of one of the new mauser rifles by remington, like the one in the 7.62x39 russian round. It's basically a semi-auto version of the 30-30, just in a small bolt gun. It is a good deer round out to around 150yards or so and minimal recoil. She can move up from there to my 308 or 25-06.

    If I was going to use the 7mm-08 for a child that young, I'd put a muzzle break on it and load it down (I handload so have that option).Remember, you want to make it fun for her to keep her interest in it. If it hurts or is unpleasant, she'll be turned off real quick.