77 Trim & Tilt Pump motor

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Midwest Drifter, Jan 23, 2007.

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    Took this thing apart last season and it was full of water & rust. Cleanded it up, blew it out, oiled / greased the bearings & resealed it and it worked good. The brushes are shot. Model# 70773s Sieral#jooo7120 Can I buy a replacement motor threw some one like granger?
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    edmond oklahoma
    check ebay. i just bought the stuff i needed on ebay to fix my power tilt trim. my stuff is the newer type and is hard to find parts at a reasonable price, but i got $380.00 of stuff for $130.00. i would first get the part # you need. then search by it in ebay motors/parts/boats. good luck. why don't you just put new brushes in?