76 johnson 70hp

Discussion in 'Boat Repair Help' started by madness67203, Sep 8, 2007.

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    wichita, ks.
    doesn't want to idle, and u have to choke it everytime u shut it off to get it to fire back up. With muffs it runs pretty good. Does act like it has a miss at idle. One of the coils has a crack in the plastic insulator, I epoxyed it. Changed the plugs, and pulled the carbs off and cleaned them out real good. Still does it. Any help would be appreciated thanks guys
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    Jeremy, several things can lead up to this condition. However, first things first - if you don't have a manual for this motor get one. It sounds as though there are quite a few things you should do, including...

    1. A link and synch. This gets your carbs synchronized with the throttle and insures the motor fires at the appropriate time.

    2. Carb rebuild... many people think you can change the carbs kits every three or four years and be fine. However, in these older motors, the carbs seem to mess up more and need more frequent maintenance.

    3. Fuel system may be leaking allowing the fuel to drain back into the tank. I would recommend you replace all the fuel lines (should be less than $5.00 for all the lines), rebuild the fuel pump, and check the rubber bulbs condition.

    4. Post the model and SN of your motor so Bubbakat will have the info he needs to really help you.