75 HP mariner "whistle"

Discussion in 'Bubba's Outboards' started by Wally, Dec 28, 2008.

  1. Wally

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    Hi Brothers,
    75 hp Mariner has a "warning whistle" going off while running the boat.
    Water comming out of "Pee" hole. Runs fine, but, just scared of tearing things up.
    WHAT IS GOING ON ???:eek:oooh:
    Got to get things right for the 3rd annual winter Wally/Wally Fishing trip to Texoma!

    Thank you

  2. tbull

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    SW Ohio
    I have seen this happen when the actual temperature sensor is defective, or has corroded wires. Or even a short in the wire itself causing it to ground out and activate every once and a while. I would check the wire coming from the sensor. I am no expert by any means, but I had the same problem with my boat and with my father in law's boat. Steady stream from the pee hole, got it back to the ramp, pulled the cover and the wire was almost cut in two just barely hanging on. I know that if you ground the wire itself you should get a horn to show you it is working properly. Hope this helps. Someone else may chime in, I would personally just check that first since it is the simplest starting point.

  3. BKS72

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    Is it pre-mix or auto-oil? If it has an oil tank it could be the oil level warning on it.

    Tbull is right, on my 'rude the horn just decided one day to go on and stay on - guess at least they made it so it would fail on instead of off:smile2: I've never worked on a Mariner, but I suppose on the bad end of the scale it could be a plugged water passage allowing a hot spot near the sensor.
  4. larry d. grady

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    hi wally, if your alarm whistle is a steady endless tone it is overheating alarm,if its an intermitting tone,it is an oiling alarm,hope this will narrow it down for you. larry d. grady