74 johnson 50 hp

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  1. KGK20

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    I was going to pull my lower uint off to change water pump. I took the 4 bolts on bottom off and the other 2 bolts under near the back off .took the lower uint down about 2 inches but cant figure out how the rod comes off .do i need to take the 4 bolts off the little housing the rod goes into ?any help apreciated. thanks Keith
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    Not sure on yours,on 6HP 20HP 25HP Johnsons there is a little splicer that joins the two rods together you can see it when you drop it down a couple inches, mine have set screw you take loose and then you can slide the bottom on off. Hope this helps.

  3. Bubbakat

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    You can take the hood off and look at the shifting works and follow the shaft over to the rod that goes down thru the housing and if it has to flat shifting arms that hook to the rod then it will have a bell crank bolt holding them togeather right next to the motor. Look inbetween the parts you have seperated already and see if you can see two bolts holding a brass collor to the shift rod.
    Put your model number up and I'll see if I can locate a diag of the shifting rod.
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    There's a bolt underneath the bottom carb that connects the shift shaft to release it so you can take off the lower unit.

    Those four bolts you mentoined are holding your water pump in place.

    An extention with a 3/8 swivel socket 1/4 drive is what i use to get them loose. Some have a slot for a common screwdriver also.