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    I don't know if this a problem or just something that I am doing wrong, all I know is that I don't like it when my $100.00+ reel does this.

    Only twice has it done this, but those two times were enough. I was casting going for the gusto (long cast) When line got maybe 20 yard if that the reel started making the most nasty racket. Then very abruptly stopped. The leader for my wieght snapped and flew waaayyyy out into the water.

    Do I need to make an adjustment with the brake on the reel or is my technique causing this very frustrating event.
    Also I am using a big water ugly stik 12' extra heavy. I was only using 4oz of weight when the rod is rated 6-24. Could this be my problem

    Oh well I hand it to the older wiser friends wich are the boc
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    First try adjusting the reel to match the weight that you are using with that side screw. Tighten it first and put it in free spool and loosen it till your weight starts to drop. Next thing is make sure your reel is lubed up correctly. Hope this helps. P.S. when you cast make a smooth cast with a follow through, dont swing like playing baseball.

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    the best way to adjust your 7000s are to tighten the knob on your handel side all the way down and just use your left knob and take all the junk lube that abu sends them with out go ahed and clean it!! and put some good lube back on it i use rocket fule its the best stuff ive found its high price $12.00 a bottel but make sure u dont remove any of the grease form the handel side! and then it will be working like it should good luck