7000 C3 vs 320 GT2 fishing reels?

Discussion in 'Fishing Reel Review' started by Fishhead1, Apr 10, 2006.

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    Opinions are like….. elbows, everyone has one ;) So, I don't want this to turn into brand name loyalty here. From what I can gather both of these reels are great reels for big cats and you can't go wrong with either.

    I'm looking for what makes them different so I (and others) might pick the best one to suit their purposes.

    Here's what I've gathered so far from dozens of posts on this board (correct these if I'm wrong).

    - The 7000 casts a bit smoother (3 bearings) and farther (10-30 yards diff) than the 320 (2 bearings).

    - The 320 has a slightly higher gear ratio 4.3:1 vs 4.1:1

    - The 320's drag system is a bit stronger.

    - The 320 holds a bit more line (320/20 vs 325/17).

    - The 320 is around $10 cheaper on average.

    So in a nut shell they are very comparible with the items mentioned above. Here are my main questions.

    - Both seem reliable, anyone say different? Warranty's similar?

    - Which is easier to clean/repair? Are parts costs similar between reels?

    - How do the bait clickers compare?
    Are they adjustable, can they hold in strong current?
    Is one more likely than another to backlash on a hard hit?
    How does each engage or turn off the clicker on a strike?

    - Is one easier or more difficult to cast than another (i.e. backlash)?

    Anything else to know? please add questions or answers below.
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    south east ohio
    I have four 7000's two are 7000c3 and two are 7000CL big game. I can take one completely apart wash all parts with dawn and a toothbrush re oil and re grease in about an hour and a half. But half that time is spent air drying after running the parts under hot water to wash off the dawn.( Don't need any rust getting started). The clickers on the cl's are about twice as loud,but their newer than my c3's by six years. I like the 7000's because they have a manual spool brake on the left side so you can put it in free-spool,set the clicker to on, then set the amount of tension you want on the spool to take account for strong current or large baitfish. I can crank it down so far that I can barely reel in without alot of effort. It has more than enough power to hold. I have never had any backlash problems when a fish takes the bait. The drag system works fine for me I don't even use it very tight, I do most of my fish fighting with my thumb on the spool. If too much line is coming off I'll tighten it down but I loosen it back up as soon as I'm in control again. I don't know the diff. in warranties but my c3's are 6 or 7 years old and have never had any problems. They look complicated when you first take one apart but all pieces go back quite easily.

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    I had the same intention as you.I held and checked out the 7000,9000 and 10000 Abeu Garcia,s and the Penn GTI,s.I ended up picking out a Shimano Charter Special 2000 LD because it was the smoothest of all the reels that day.It has 4 stainless steel bearings,titanium lever drag,stainless steel main shaft with stainless steel main and pinion gears and a beefed up heavy duty level wind.It is rated for 300 yards of 20 lb.line,and their website rates the drag max.at 33 pounds.I also have a Penn 345 GTI.all great.I mentioned this as I went to check out and buy one of the reels you mentioned,and ended up liking the one I bought.I don,t think that you could go wrong with any of them.Best of luck,peewee-williams
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    I like the 320 because it's built tougher, parts are easier to get. You can even get large power handles for it. Drags are a lot bigger, I believe it uses 4/0 Penn drags. Look at the part numbers in the schematic and it's the same part numbers as the 4/0 reel. It will cast ok, but you have to put an ounce or so of weight, but if you remove the levelwind and plastic gear and plug up the frame holes and clean heavy oil from the spool spindle and put light oil, it'll cast like a bat out of hell.
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    when i go fishing with me i start bringing like $200 cause every ******* i go to has like a nice combo so i at least by one combo and more bobbers things that are needed:cool:
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    New York
    I like the 7000 C3 for its casting ability and the overall smoothness.