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70 hp Chrysler Engine

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I just got a 1977 14ft Glassmaster with a 70 HP Chrysler Engine on it. Purchase Price = $500.00

The guy I bought it from said that the choke no longer worked on it. We did a successful test start of the motor with either, however, I don't want to do that out on the water.

When it comes to boat motors, I'm dumb because I have never had one.

Any help you could give me on this would be appreciated.
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turtle, I'll be happy to get it for you this weekend.
Tony..... Call Chuck and Dave's on Reno. It is a "body shop" but is more like an outboard shop. They have some chrysler parts. I know a few guys from here and they deal with them whenever possible. Word of advise, Speek to Dave..... he seams to give a better price on older parts.
David Frantz
turtle1173 said:
Could you list the model number for your motor? They didn't make a 70 HP in '77, so I was just curious. I imagine that it is one between '70 - '73 but I believe they also made one in '79.
OK, numbers pulled off the motor -



The inside of the motor cover has a tag on it stating the person who bought it, and the date

From Tulsa Marineland

Model 7071ta serial 5662

to my knowledge, tulsa marineland is closed.

It does have a Magnapower Ignition
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Hi Tony,

Your model number is actually going to be 707HA (instead of 7071ta). As you've probably already guessed from the "buyer tag", it is going to be a '70-'71 model.
Got the starter installed, turned key, cranked over GREAT. Put it in nuetral, gave it some gas *(almost full throttle)* and pressed the key in to open the choke when I turned the key. Took a min, but it sputtered, then fired and ran for a second and died. Tried a few more times and found that in neutral at 1/2 throttle, start with choke open then close it, and it started up, ran rough for a few seconds, and then smoothed out. I was able to throttle down to idle and it continued to run.

Sweetest sound I've ever heard. :p

Hopefully I'll be able to take her for a test run this weekend. Wish me luck.
sounds like progress. keep it up and next season youll be hitting the lakes and rivers hard. :D
Boat floats very nicely, however, when I started the motor, it blew out white/greyish colored smoke. Bad gas mix or what?
I will admit, I was using the gas that was in the boat when I got it. Didn't even think about switching to the other tank that is fresh gas that I know the mix is one bottle to 6 gal of gas.
So, what do you all think? Anyone have any ideas for me?
It's getting into colder weather. Save the old gas to start a fire.

White grayish smoke from a choked cold engine when starting? Sounds normal to me.
It's when you see that pure white smoke that you know you have a problem :eek: That would mean water in one or more cylinders (headgasket blown).
I had the cover off yesterday, and when I pushed the throttle up, I saw something move that I'm not sure if it is supposed to. Large black and silver object. Spark plug wires come out of the bottom of it and go to the spark plugs. I wish I had a clue about this silly thing.
thats the magneto and its possed to move thats how it advances the timing
Actualy, it's the timer base. As it moves it advances or retards the timing.

The fly wheel with the magnets in it are passed by the stationary coils with the plug wires attached as the flywheel rotates. Hence, the magneto.

Passing a magnet by a nail wraped in copper wire will produce electricity.

The coils are stationary by being mounted to the timer base. As you advance the timer base you reposition the coils to advance the timing, and also through some linkage open the throttle allowing
more fuel in the cylinders. End result is more speed.

Anything else you want to know about that silly thing?
Speaking of that silly thing. My 105 chrysler has a magnafire box exactly what is the pupose? Seems to me it does nothing but turn the breaking ground circut from the points in the mag to a hot breaking circut to the ignition coil.
Magnafire box? Never heard of it.

I never cared much for Chrysler engines and still don't know any particulars about them.

I did own a westbend outboard once, (preChrysler). That was before I knew better.
A sad attempt at an electrionic ignition is what I think it is. Sort of looks simalier to an old ford ignition module. The ones that bolted to the fender and oozed a jelly like substance out of them. Them guy I got it from had to replace it about 6 or 7 years ago. Said it cost him like $300. It has 4 wires one is switched power, one is ground, one comes from the points, and the other goes to the coil. Seems to me it could be easily bypassed by wiring the hot side of the coil to switched hot and running the points to the other side of the coil. Would be the same as an old points distributor.
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