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70 hp Chrysler Engine

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I just got a 1977 14ft Glassmaster with a 70 HP Chrysler Engine on it. Purchase Price = $500.00

The guy I bought it from said that the choke no longer worked on it. We did a successful test start of the motor with either, however, I don't want to do that out on the water.

When it comes to boat motors, I'm dumb because I have never had one.

Any help you could give me on this would be appreciated.
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A manual is a great idea for any motor you want to "tinker" with.

If the choke is the only problem, I would take a battery and some cables, hook the negative to ground and hit the choke terminal with the positive. If it works, the problem is with the ignition switch.

I just had this problem on a 55HP Chrysler of mine. I replaced the ignition switch and all is well.

As Bob Paul said, don't use ether or starting fluid. Just take some pre-mix and squirt it in the carb throats.

I've got a friend you used to be a Chrysler Outboard dealer. He carries just about anything you would need for your Chrysler. Send me a PM if you need something and I'll give you his e-mail address.
Check all cable connections. Make sure no corrossion or loose wiring on battery, starter, solenoid, etc. Also make sure you tighten connections on battery with pliers (not hand tight).

These Chrysler motors take a decent sized battery to turn them over. So I would make sure it was fully charged, even if it was a new battery. All the more so if the battery is on the small side.

You may very well have a starter problem but start with the basics first.
Tony, we've been trying to tell you that the starter was the problem, LOL.

I took a Chrysler starter to an auto electrical shop around here and they rebuilt it for $25.

Good luck
Well you have a couple different choices. I would go with Champion plugs myself, since that was what was originally recommended.

1) L82C gapped at .30

2) L20V - surface gap plug

I personally like the surface gap plugs but there's nothing like some experimenting :D

Could you list the model number for your motor? They didn't make a 70 HP in '77, so I was just curious. I imagine that it is one between '70 - '73 but I believe they also made one in '79.
Hi Tony,

Your model number is actually going to be 707HA (instead of 7071ta). As you've probably already guessed from the "buyer tag", it is going to be a '70-'71 model.
It's when you see that pure white smoke that you know you have a problem :eek: That would mean water in one or more cylinders (headgasket blown).
1 - 6 of 36 Posts
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