7-4-09 Family Trip "2 New PB's"

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    I went out fishing for a few hours during the morning on the 4th the bite and current was slow but we did manage 5 blues drifting with the biggest being 32 lbs caught by my father-in-law....The cat looked like she was about to pop.....It was his biggest catfish so far as he hasn't fished much, but I believe he may start.

    Later that evening....I loaded the boat up with the kids, wife, and some in-laws and we headed to watch the fireworks on Guntersville....I just couldn't help to take along a few rods and soak some skipjack....we got one bite around 8:45 and I let my oldest boy Jackson have it he is six, and I could tell this fish was a biggun so I left the rod in the holder and he cranked it in.....turned out to be his new personal best at 45 pounds...I unhooked it and quickly re-baited and chunked back out before I weighed the fish in the net.....while weighing the fish somehow I knocked my rod out of the holder into the water.....maybe that's why my eyes were closed in the picture....but after the pics and release I fished for my pole and caught the line first cast......So I was happy and the kids liked the fireworks and the cat was just the icing on the cake.

    All fish caught on Team Catfish Tackle and CatfishSafari Lake Rods in 20-40ft of water on cut skipjack

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    Very nice looking fish there. I'd like to have some slow fishing trips that good congrats.

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    Thanks for sharing your July rth firecracker of a trip. Enjoyed the story and pics. Nice fish. Congrats on the PBs and the finding of the reel/rod overboard.
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    Congrats Mike, sounds like a great holiday weekend!
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    Congrats on your new PB, It must have been a good day to fish, I took my buddy & his 10yr old son out. They caught their PB's also, the boy got a 10lber & the dad got two 5lbers:big_smile:
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    Congrats Mike and Jackson, that cat prob'ly weighs as much as he does!