7/19/07 - White River

Discussion in 'INDIANA RIVERS TALK' started by BigFlatty, Jul 18, 2007.

  1. BigFlatty

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    Got out last night about 7pm fished till 11pm. We were mainly after Flathead, but did take a channel pole with me. Had no hits on the channel pole, but did catch 1 small flatty on a live bluegill right up against a root ball in 7' of water. Partner had two hooked....one pulled loose while the line snapped on the other. He was so angry, hurt, depressed over the whole incident I may have to find a new partner:crazy:
  2. dusky

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    It's always good when you're not skunked. Oh man I feel for yer friend, it ain't fun losing them. Lessons learned, huh? If I was him, I'd just be that much more motivated to get back to that very spot and get back at those fish.

  3. treddinwater

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    I plan on getting down to one of my spots this evening since we got all this nice rain the last couple of days...it might jumpstart some action:roll_eyes:. Losing fish is frustrating, but it does motivate. I have a buddy that when he gets snagged more than a couple of times, he gets really frustrated and wants to pack it up and go, even if we've only been there like 15 minutes. Talk about sad/depressing for me.