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  1. crricha13

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    Danville, VA
    Today me and moosman66 went fishing. It started well i didnt even know him til me n my buddy went to rickys to get some bait then we met, and we went to a spot along the dan and had a bite then had a situation and had to bail. Then went to another spot lil further away and had couple bites and got one small blue maybe 1 or 2 pounds. All in all it was fun though my first time in a long time. The addiction is back :big_smile:. Well if anyone wants to go tomorrow night im up for it, if im not out n about already doing something. PM me or something.
  2. catseeman

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    Indianapolis, Indiana
    Glad you had a good time.

  3. laidbck111

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    sounds like fun. Good luck on your next ventures